According to a WorkSafe BC report on the incident and its follow-up, members of the film crew on a set in Langley were affected by heat stress while filming in mid-August, and at least one suffered from heat exhaustion.

Although parts of the follow-up inspection report are obscured, the original order showed that on August 18, “several workers, possibly more than 10, were treated for heat exposure” on a Lights Camera set. Christmas Productions.

“The ambient temperature was 33 degrees [Celsius] when I arrived at the workplace around 5:00 p.m.,” the report said.

The report says two workers received first aid due to heat exposure, and several, possibly as many as ten, received first aid for possible heat stress.

There had been no heat stress assessment and workers at the site were performing moderate to heavy work, depending on their job, which the report said was a violation of occupational health and safety regulations. .

The report also states that a first aid record was not completed for workers who were treated and that only one first aid record was available at the time of WorkSafe’s inspection.

“The employer shall keep in the workplace…a record of all injuries…” notes the report.

There were about 96 workers on the crew at the time.

The follow-up report also notes that on August 21, the employer sent a plan to deal with heat stress on the site. After the WorkSafe report, the employer complied with the three orders or action measures that were issued after the inspection.

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The Hours ahead of Langley contacted the film company, as well as the local union representing its workers, for more information about the incident.

Heat stress problems at work have increased in recent years. Last year, which included the brutal heat dome incident in June and early July, WorkSafe received 115 heat stress complaints, an increase of 180% over the previous three years.

On July 25 of this year, WorkSafe sent out a press release reminding employers to protect workers from heat stress.

Langley is one of the most popular filming locations in the province, thanks in part to the additional tax credits that apply to Langley and communities east of here.

Rural areas and parts of Fort Langley are especially popular for filming romantic Christmas TV movies for Hallmark and Lifetime channels. These films are often made months in advance, with fake snow sometimes being rolled out in mid-summer.

Langley is also popular for filming ranging from sci-fi and thrillers to historical dramas, and hosts a large indoor film studio in Walnut Grove, with plans to build another in Willoughby near the interchange. 216th Street.

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