Norfolk and Portsmouth firefighters raised their ladders and surprised four-year-old Nolan Turner with a rare form of lymphoma.

NORFOLK, Virginia – Fire trucks lined up outside the King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Norfolk on Friday morning for a special surprise.

Their engines roared and the lights flashed as firefighters from Norfolk Fire and Rescue along with Portsmouth Fire Rescue & Emergency Services Rescue gathered to bring some joy to a young boy named Nolan.

The four-year-old boy is the son of their colleague. Nolan was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma in September 2019.

Levin Turner, Nolan’s father, has been a Portsmouth firefighter for 14 years. He said his colleagues gathered at a time when his family needed them most.

“COVID has made this whole process difficult, you can only have a limited number of visitors, so only mom and dad can come and see it. It’s nice to see the different faces and nice to see the amount of support and all the people who really care about Nolan, ”Turner said.

His colleagues from the two fire departments were numerous. They raised their ladders and climbed to the window of Nolan’s hospital room on the fifth floor to surprise him with special signs. Captain America even introduced himself.

They carried messages of hope from above and below. It was their way of cheering the boy up.

Nolan waved his hand and smiled from ear to ear.

“I have five children and he’s the one who wants to become a firefighter, that’s his thing. It was so meaningful in so many ways, ”Turner said. “There wasn’t much in this process that brought Nolan joy back, that’s about it. It was a very strong moment for us. So that was really appreciated. “

Nolan’s father cried, saying it felt good to see his four-year-old return to his happy state.

Jarrod Sergi, a Norfolk Fire & Rescue captain, helped organize the surprise.

“No kid should have to go through this. I have two boys of my own, I hope someone will do the same for mine,” Sergi said. “Even if it was only for 15 or 20 minutes he wasn’t thinking about the treatments in his hospital room, the nurses coming in, and if it was just a few minutes of his day to get away a little bit, then that’s a victory for us. “

Turner said that’s family.

“I have been in the department for 14 years and they have always talked about brotherhood and family. Since I experienced this, I have never felt more than a family unit. It was really amazing, ”said Turner.

Coincidentally, in the room next to Nolan was 15-year-old Jordyn Lee. Lee’s father is a Chesapeake Fire Captain. Lee was diagnosed with renal medullary carcinoma in August, and she also received a surprise visit from the two fire departments on Friday.

The group of firefighters have let Nolan and Jordyn know that they don’t fight alone, that they have a big family looking after them.

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