NEW YORK, November 4, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Versor Investments, a quantitative investment management firm focused on alternative investment strategies, today announced that its global merger arbitrage strategy is now available to US-based investors on AMX (the Asset Management Exchange), which connects investors, asset managers and service partners so they can interact and transact, all in one place.

AMX was originally established in 2017 to provide institutional investors and asset managers with a better way to work together. AMX standardizes fund infrastructure, investment operations and governance and streamlines processes, such as investment operations, services and due diligence.

Versor first partnered with AMX in 2018 and its global merger arbitrage strategy, now with more than $ 1 billion invested, has been made available to a wide range of European investors. Under this new agreement, the strategy is now also available to US investors.

AMX established the fund structure to provide regulatory oversight and clearance, streamline documentation and onboard clients. This allows the Versor team to focus on their customers and grow their business globally.

Deepak gurnani, founding partner of Pourer, said: “AMX allows us to focus on investment and portfolio management, knowing that a large part of the operational aspect of managing our fund is already handled by a quality institutional partner. We are incredibly optimistic about our partnership with AMX and it provides investors with access to our global merger arbitrage strategy. “

Oliver Jaegemann, CEO of AMX, said: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with Versor, giving the company greater visibility with international institutional investors. AMX’s global reach helps asset managers around the world distribute their funds in Europe, Australasia and the United States in a tax-efficient, streamlined and well-structured manner with cutting-edge technology, operations and governance. We are committed to being at the forefront of innovation in the investment industry by bringing together investors, asset managers and service partners. “

Versor’s merger arbitrage strategy capitalizes on the spread between a company’s current share price and its purchase price. The alpha forecasting model uses machine learning and a proprietary database of over 4,000 deals to estimate the likelihood of trade closing, determine downside risk, and perform competitive bid analysis. The strategy invests in announced merger deals across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe.

About Versor

Versor Investments is a quantitative investment boutique focused on providing alternative uncorrelated strategies to institutional investors. Based at new York, Versor’s management experience in quantitative investing spans over 20 years. Using a research-driven science framework to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns, Versor has two lines of business: hedge funds and risk premia. For more information on Versor, see

About AMX

AMX is building a better world for the investment industry. Launched in 2017, AMX connects investors, asset managers and service partners so they can interact and transact, all in one place.

AMX reduces the complexity of the investment and makes life easier and more efficient for everyone involved:

  • The ecosystem aims to connect investors, asset managers and service partners in a transparent way
  • AMX standardizes processes, so there’s an easy way to work that’s better for everyone.
  • Everything is centralized in one place, so it’s easy to find what you need

AMX builds an efficient investment ecosystem by using technology to transform conventional ways of working to become more agile, responsive and sustainable. Our ecosystem improves relationships, creates connections and delivers efficiencies.


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