GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Recently, Synthesis LLC announced the launch of Synthesis Bank, the world’s first cryptocurrency tokenized investment bank based on the Ethereum smart contract. According to research, the cryptocurrency market size is expected to increase from $ 1.6 billion in 2021 to $ 2.2 billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 7.1%. While it’s no longer news that the crypto market is rapidly gaining ground, keep in mind that it has not only attracted crypto investors, but opportunistic and fraudulent agents as well.

For over a decade, the crypto market has presented a number of challenges such as confidence, affordability, efficiency, and manageability, for investors in the crypto world. Do you know that many cryptocurrency investors do not have the resources to conduct proper research on digital assets?

In fact, a handful of potential and existing investors struggle to determine the reliability and credibility of tokens or altcoins, let alone creating strategies for gaining profit.

Thanks to Synthesis Bank, the crypto investment service based on the ethereum smart contract has emerged to offer innovative solutions to the challenges existing in the investment world. Now, investors can simply invest their cryptocurrency holdings in Synthesis Bank and their seasoned team will professionally swap their capital between various assets to maximize returns while protecting funds. Synthesis Bank aims to eliminate setup and operating costs imposed by intermediaries in traditional funds, while improving transparency and liquidity for investors.

Why is Synthesis Bank a revolutionary project?

“Synthesis Bank is transparent, nimble and most importantly – focused on crystallizing ongoing dividends and capital growth for token holders. We look forward to driving growth and success for our token holders.” by Alejandro Estrada, CEO / Founder.

Considering the rapid growth and adoption by the cryptocurrency market, Synthesis Bank has created a transparent platform through which retail and institutional investors can participate in strong tokens and currencies through a simple channel. . With Synthesis Bank, users can benefit from various platform offerings such as capital appreciation of assets under management as well as monthly dividends based on the performance of investments made during this period. The smart investment service creates an exchangeable digital ERC20 token that represents a virtual share of Synthesis Bank with a smart contract to ensure that token holders are rewarded monthly for their continued investment in Synthesis Bank Token (STB).

Synthesis Bank is backed by leading service providers like Ethereum, Binance, Certik, Kucoin, Metamask, Swiss Crypto Vault, Bitcoin Suisse, and Equinix. In addition, this DeFi project provides investors with on-demand knowledge and updates by developing an ingenious portfolio tracking system, enabling investors to quickly gain transparency of assets under management (AUM), transactions and transactions. dividend periods transparently.

Synthesis Bank manages funds through various positions and strategies, market making, cross market making, algo / HFT, liquidity extraction and arbitrage.

It uses a blockchain fund protocol to simplify and automate the administration of funds, enabling a more transparent, fair and inclusive financial system.

Unique characteristics of the synthesis library:

Smart investment banking is an innovative project accompanied by a wide range of dazzling features. Here are some of the key features:

  • It eliminates the need for intermediaries:

Synthesis Bank provides rapid financing without third parties. Smart contracts do the funding autonomously – collect and release payments.

  • It offers improved efficiency and management:

Synthesis Bank provides token holders access to institutional grade quantitative trading strategies, market making, algo / HFT with real-time level 1 order book data.

High Frequency Trading (HFT) is an automated investment method that uses algorithms to act on predefined indicators, signals and trends. It is commonly used by major investment banks and market participants who combine large order volumes with fast executions.

  • It offers a trustworthy and credible product:

The Synthesis Bank is established in the jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands. Cayman is a popular international jurisdiction for the incorporation of financial, investment and blockchain companies. It is a low-cost flexible vehicle, fiscally neutral and endowed with a legal personality.

  • It offers its users maximum security:

Crypto assets are held by custodians. All audits of summary bank operations are carried out by tier 1 firms such as Certik. Thus, optimal security of digital assets is guaranteed.

  • It ensures the transparency of the accounts:

As a certain portion of the funds remain in the cash reserves, Synthesis Bank implements a Viewer Access API for on-demand access to balances and transactions.

  • It offers proprietary trading algorithms:

Synthesis Bank applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to its datasets to develop trading algorithms and proprietary trading strategies. These strategies are combined with Synthesis Bank’s trade execution engine via APIs to place and monitor trades.

  • It offers blocking period flexibility for users:

Synthesis Bank focuses on liquid strategies that are not subject to extended blocking periods. This gives its investors the opportunity to be flexible with their redemptions and contributions.

Sale of Synthesis Bank Token (STB) tokens and allocation

The first pre-sale launch of Synthesis Bank’s native token – STB, is expected to begin on July 29 for 30 days. 10,000,000 tokens for the 1st pre-sale. The token price for this stage is 0.60 USDT per token and a 25% bonus. The second presale is scheduled to start on August 30 for an additional 30 days with 0.80 USDT per token and 15% bonus. Finally on October 1, the public sale will take place at 1 USDT per token. The presale and public sale will take place throughout the registration page (after KYC) of the official website.

Allocated token:

Token price: 1 USDT

Total supply: 200,000,000 STB

Presale of tokens: 20,000,000 STB

Public sale on DEX: 150,000,000 STB

Management team: 20,000,000 STB (locked for 1 or 2 years)

Bonus and campaigns: 10,000,000 STB

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