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The German group Bodo Möller Chemie continues to expand its subsidiary in Israel and is restructuring the team for this purpose.

With almost 50 years of experience in the distribution of specialty chemicals, the Bodo Möller Chemie Group is a partner of renowned global chemical companies, such as Huntsman, Dow, DuPont, BASF and Henkel.

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For the Israeli market, Bodo Möller Chemie Group is the exclusive distributor and technical specialist for Huntsman Advanced Materials products. These include epoxy base resins, formulated systems and specialty components. The Israeli subsidiary, which was established in 2017, has its own warehouse and also provides all logistics services in the country independently.

Jürgen Ihrybauer remains managing director of Bodo Möller Israel, while Sven Esders takes over the business development department as a member of management. Esders, who studied law, has been with the Bodo Möller Chemie Group since 2008. Most recently, he was responsible for business development for Asia. “The electronics industry is the largest sector of manufacturing industries in Israel and is characterized by strong growth dynamics, for example in aerospace. Even during the corona crisis, the growth phase continued in the sector. In this regard, we are happy to be directly on site with this location, in order to be able to advise and supply the local industry,” says Frank Haug, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bodo Möller Chemie Group.

Extension of Huntsman products

David Gabay assumes the position of Import/Export Manager as well as Customer Service and will also be part of the management team of Bodo Möller Chemie Israel. The distinguished director studied logistics at the University of Jerusalem and worked for a total of seven years in the logistics company STS. For three years, Gabay worked for the industrial gases manufacturer Oxygen & Argon. He worked for 12 months within the Bodo Möller Chemie group in Israel in the field of import-export and customer service. “Our goal is the continued expansion of our corporate activity in Israel and the optimization of our level of service and performance, focusing on Huntsman products like Aradur® and Araldite® for the aerospace industry,” explains Jürgen Ihrybauer, Managing Director of the Bodo Möller Chemie Group in Israel.

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