Actor Aaron Eckhart has starred in several films over the years to add more variety to his filmography. Of all his roles, his portrayal of Two-Face in Christopher Nolan The black Knight might be his most remarkable. However, Eckhart once revealed that playing villainous roles took a toll on him.

Aaron Eckhart once believed the purpose of acting was to make performance personal

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As is the case with most actors, Eckhart put in a lot of hard work and time to achieve his goals. The Me Frankenstein The actor compared the mentality an actor must have to be successful in boxing. Eckhart believed that an artist had to be willing to fight for their dreams in order to see them come true.

“Boxers, they…sacrifice themselves. Dedication, discipline, I find I have that in my own life with my own career,” he once said in an interview with Film Courage. “You need a fighter mentality to work in this profession. And we share that.

Speaking to Bafta Guru, the actor also revealed what he thinks every actor should do to pull off a memorable performance.

“Well, the point of acting is to make it personal,” he said. “Everything is personal. So if you’re not like your character, you have to find that slice of you or that art of you that is. Then you have to linger and focus on that part to the exclusion of everything else. You can’t become someone else, but what you can do is showcase the qualities that resemble your character.

Aaron Eckhart took a break after characters like Two-Face left him in constant rage

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Eckhart once admitted that playing villainous roles affected him emotionally for quite a while. Eckhart’s Most Popular Villainous Role Could Be Too The Dark Knight’s Two sides. But he also inhabited evil characters in movies like In the company of men and The black dahlia. After a while, these characters were difficult for the actor to shake off.

“Look, I can’t be responsible for what I say. Playing these raw roles means research. I stayed in this place of animal rage for years. Life is not all black and white. It is complicated. We are complicated human beings. Even though Aaron is a good person, all these other things are part of life. Anyway, in any case, I reserve the right to contradict myself,” Eckhart once said. New York Post (via Page Six).

Aaron Eckhart sometimes felt lost playing Two Face in ‘The Dark Knight’

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Playing at Two-Face gave Eckhart an even bigger boost to his already successful career. At the same time, defining the character required the work of Christopher Nolan and Eckhart. In an interview with Female, Eckhart explained how he and Nolan would sometimes get confused about how to approach the two-faced character.

“I think tonally, to find the tone, especially knowing what Heath was doing and trying to put it in the stadium. You know, being in a historical comic book movie playing an iconic character, where do I go? What tone does Chris want? And we had a lot of discussions about Chris, getting lost sometimes, and saying, “What am I doing, where am I going? Should I go here, here, this way? We tried in different ways,” he said. “It was probably, for me, finding the range of the character and how that fit into the overall picture of the movie.”

Still, Eckhart enjoyed playing a character with the double-edged, ambiguous nature of Gotham hero-turned-villain Harvey Dent.

“It was fun to play as an actor, because Gotham City is really the central character in this movie, and cleaning it up is the problem. And then watching the Two-Face transformation, I think audiences can relate , or understand if not understand, why he does what he does, the pain and the anger and the bitterness and all the why of it all, he added.

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