Annika Noelle

Today’s day Love glory and beauty Recap: Hope visits Liam in the slammer. She tells him that Justin is doing everything he can to get him home as soon as possible. Liam tells him in a low, husky voice how much he wants him.

Hope encourages him by telling him how brave he was to surrender and face the consequences that lay ahead. She adds more sugar to the sauce saying that she loves him and forgives him. . . for everything.

Side note: Apparently that includes having tequila-soaked sex with your ex-wife.

Liam being Liam, thanks her for saying that.

Side note: Not the answer one might hope for.

It’s time for confessions! Liam claims he only thinks about her and the kids (now that he only has free time). Memories are what keep him sane in the big house. Hope being hope, says they are just beginning to remember.

But wait . . . Liam apologizes again. . . for causing him pain and being back to square one. . . again. Romance is in the air as the two put their hands on the thick glass that separates them.

Hope knows that Liam would have made other choices that night and intends to speak to the judge and jury about his character as a white knight in shining armor.

Alas, the jail bell rings and a guard seems to tell Liam his time is up. As the guard comes to manhandle Liam, Hope tells him that she will fight for him! (Maybe Liam needs to worry about the other men in prison and not think about his family all the time? Just a thought.)

Will Liam be safe behind bars? Will Hope use her powers for good to let the world know that Liam really is a good guy? We want to hear from you! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

Come back for the last Love glory and beauty to summarize!

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