It’s not often that teen romantic comedies have sequels, but Netflix has managed to release two such trilogies. The start of 2021 saw the completion of the To all the boys I’ve loved before series and the long-awaited final installment of The kissing booth is finally here.

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One of the things that made the franchise successful is the likable cast. The kissing booth 3 returns favorites from previous installments and most have solid on-screen histories. If you’ve completed the trilogy and want more of these talents, their best work based on IMDb scores is a good place to start.

ten Carson White – The Kissing Booth (6.0)

Brad Evans in the kissing booth

Young Carson White is so new to acting that he does not yet have a long filmography. Aside from this series of films, White has only appeared in a handful of shorts, one TV movie, and one episode of a TV series titled Special.

This means that the top rated work of his short career is in The kissing booth. The first film has a rating of 6.0 on IMDb, while the sequel is 5.8. White doesn’t have a major role but is still there as Brad Evans, the younger brother of protagonist Elle.

9 Joel Courtney – Super 8 (7.0)

Elle Fanning and Joel Courtney as Alice and Joe in Super 8

In terms of significance to the story, Joel Courtney would rank much higher. He plays Lee Flynn, Elle’s best friend and the brother of her eventual boyfriend Noah. Courtney has a great chemistry with co-star Joey King, making their scenes a highlight.

So far, Courtney has landed a few notable roles outside of the franchise. There was an episode of Agents of SHIELD and movies like F The ball and The empty man. Interestingly, his best picture was actually his first when he appeared as Joe Lamb, the lead role in JJ Abrams’ 2011 sci-fi film. Super 8.

8 Morné Visser – Mandela: a long road to freedom (7.1)

Mandela A Long March to Freedom Idris Elba

Morné Visser is one of those actors who you probably recognize every time you see them but don’t know what their name is. The performer has been on stage and on screen for over two decades and has been a part of those films as Mr. Flynn, the father of Lee and Noah.

There have been almost countless roles that you may have seen Visser in from all over the world. The most remarkable and highest rated is that of 2013 Mandela: long march to freedom, where he played the director of the SABC in a film directed by Idris Elba.

7 Stephen Jennings – The Challenger Disaster (7.3)

Stephen Jennings in the kissing booth

Like Visser, Stephen Jennings is another actor who has had a lot of small roles in movies and TV shows over the past few years. He’s probably even more recognizable, but fans of this series will know him as Mike Evans’ father Elle and Brad.

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With so many credits under her belt, it’s hard to really pin down the best work of Jenning’s career. Besides the shows where he made a single appearance, this honor goes to The challenger disaster, a 2013 TV movie where he plays the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong.

6 Molly Ringwald – The Breakfast Club (7.8)

Adults who love The kissing booth are sure to know who Molly Ringwald is. As the mother of Mrs. Lynn, Noah, and Lee, Ringwald has a small but crucial role to play in the film series. She is certainly no stranger to the world of teen drama, as evidenced by her filmography.

Ringwald has appeared in many iconic teen films such as Pretty in pink and Sixteen candles. She has also played a mother in teen drama television series like Riverdale and The Secret Life of an American Teenager. Alas, his best project remains the years 1985 The breakfast club, where she played the “princess”, Claire Standish.

5 Taylor Zakhar Perez – Code Noir (8.1)

The similarities between this franchise and To all the boys I’ve loved before don’t just stop at the genre and the streaming service. Both film trilogies also introduced a potential new love interest for the protagonist in the second entry. Here it was Marco Valentin Peña, played by Taylor Zakhar Perez.

For the most part, Perez’s career really started with his role in The kissing booth 2. Otherwise, he only has TV movies on his CV as well as appearances in an episode or two of TV shows. The one with the highest score was Code Black, where he took on the role of Ari Stricks in a single episode.

4 Meganne Young – Black Sails (8.2)

Abigail Ashe in Black Sails

An important character in the series is Rachel, although she is not at the center of the story. Her relationship with Lee is crucial as it ensures that there won’t be the expected romantic trope storyline between Lee and Elle. Rachel is a likeable character played by Meganne Young.

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She might not be a household name, but Meganne Young has had an impressive career so far. Along with these films, she appeared in Legends of tomorrow and The donor but her top rated series was Black sails. There she was in nine episodes as Abigail Ashe.

3 Maisie Richardson-Sellers – The Originals (8.2)

Josh and Eva in the originals

Speaking of Legends of tomorrow, Young shares this in his filmography with Maisie Richardson-Sellers. In The kissing booth 2, Richardson-Sellers has joined the cast as Chloe Winthrop, Noah’s college friend She’s jealous of.

She will return in the last entry after a long run on Legends of tomorrow. Although this is Richardson-Seller’s largest role to date, she was in 15 episodes of The originals, which got a higher score. There she played Eva Sinclair, a powerful witch who was once the bodily host of the main character Rebekah Mikaelson.

2 Jacob Elordi – Euphoria (8.4)

The romance at the heart of the story is that between Elle and Noah, the latter being played by Jacob Elordi. The talented Aussie gets the part right and manages to be relatively likable and you can see why She’s so in love with him.

However, fans who have seen Elordi at his best might find it a bit harder to like him. That’s because he’s portraying Nate Jacobs on HBO Euphoria, where his character did some truly heinous acts, in part because of his bad family life. Elordi’s performance is one of the many aspects praised in this series.

1 Joey King – The Dark Knight Rises (8.4)

Young Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises

Although he was only recently 22 years old, Joey King has a long history on the big and small screen. She started acting at age 4 and although she has appeared everywhere it is safe to say that her biggest role is that of Elle Evans, the protagonist of The kissing booth trilogy.

There are some great movies and shows in King’s past, including parts in Crazy, stupid, love and Conspiracy and leading roles in The lie and Summer ’03. She received an Emmy nomination for her work in The act but a slightly higher rating went to 2012 The dark knight rises, where she played a young Talia al Ghul.

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