The New 52 has changed a lot at DC Comics in its attempt to simplify the line. While Batman had one of the best results of this era, fans were still nostalgic for DC’s status quo before the New 52. When DC announced Rebirth in 2016, resurrecting previous timelines and restoring classic hero interpretations, the fans were excited. The new summer 2016 slew of titles gave fans heroes at their best and reignited an era of great comics and solid sales at DC.

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Batman fans have enjoyed several great comic book titles since Rebirth launched. Exciting new creative teams, along with returning creators, helped usher in a great modern series of Batman books that expanded the mythos, introduced new elements to the Bat-family, and featured some of the best miniseries and events in decades. years.

ten Tynion’s Batman Was A Big Change From The Previous Run

Follow the ups and downs of the Tom King Batman era, James Tynion IV jumped on the book. After working on Detective comics and Justice League DarkTynion IV Batman run was an almost instant hit among fans and DC Comics itself. Tynion IV was also accompanied by superstar artist Jorge Jiménez

The run introduced new characters such as Clownhunter, Ghostmaker, and Punchline to the Batman universe. Tynion IV also had two hit events in its run: “Joker War” and “Fear State”. This race was a great fresh start after the more controversial race that preceded it.

9 Bryan Edward Hill’s Outsiders Story Was Great

Bryan Edward Hill and Dexter Soy’s batman and the aliens book, which began in Detective comics, showed great team dynamics. The Outsiders, a special team of heroes under the leadership of Batman himself, have been sent to investigate an arms dealer with ties to Ra’s Al Ghul and the League of Assassins.

Batman returned Black Lightning to his role as leader of the Outsiders, commanding Katana, Orphan, and Duke Thomas’s Signal. The book not only introduced terrific new heroes and villains, but also explored the tumultuous dynamics of the ever-expanding Bat Family.

8 Batman: White Knight Was A Fascinating Alternate Batman With A Twist

Sean Gordon Murphy and Matthew Hollingsworth filmed in an Elseworlds hit surprise story with 2017 Batman: White Knight. The series has since led to an entire Elsworlds franchise with several sequels and spin-off titles set in DC Comics’ alternate world.

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The first series was set in a world where Joker overcame his villainous persona, entered the world of politics, and waged all-out political and legal warfare against Batman. However, Bruce Wayne kept his suspicions that deep down Joker was still in control of Jack Napier and Gotham City would need Batman again.

seven Batman: Reptilian gave readers an Elseworlds creature feature

Batman: Reptilian combined the gritty writing style of Garth Ennis with a dark painted art style of Liam Sharp to deliver readers a monster horror story. The miniseries followed Batman through Gotham’s underworld as he solved the murders of his rogues gallery.

As he investigates, all roads lead him to Killer Croc, one of his few villains still alive. Through a secret scientific connection, Batman realizes there’s something in common between Croc, the creature that stalks Gotham’s underworld, and Batman himself.

6 Williamson’s Batman Run Had A Big, Action-Packed Event

After the sudden departure of James Tynion IV from Batman, Josh Williamson took over the title temporarily and introduced new villain Abyss. He brought his signature fast-paced action to the book, which was an interesting contrast to Tynion’s more laid-back style.

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Williamson then led Batman in his “Shadow War” event, which saw the crossover between comic book titles like Batman, robin and Deathstroke Inc. (also written by Williamson). The event deepened the lore of all three books, expanded Damian Wayne’s character even further, and gave fans a great action story to enjoy.

5 Batman: Three Jokers Explored Batman’s Most Important Villain

After the successful limited series, and watchmen after, Apocalyptic clockwriter Geoff Johns and artists Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson introduced fans to an enigmatic Batman and Joker-centric miniseries titled Batman: The Three Jokers. The miniseries served as a sequel of sorts to Alan Moore’s influential graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke.

The miniseries focused on the main heroes of the Bat Family and delved into the mythos behind the Joker. The premise of the story, the idea that the Joker is not one person, but three, is so compelling. Johns brought to life the idea he teased long ago in The New 52’s “Darkseid War.”

4 Chip Zdarsky’s Batman Is Still New But Gets Off To A Good Start

Following his hit run on daredevilChip Zdarksy was quickly announced as the new core writer for Batman after Williamson’s brief run. Partnering with Jorge Jiménez, who worked on the run of Tynion IV, Zdarsky is currently exploring Batman’s history and introduced an epic new villain.

With the return of the Zur-En-Arrh Batman, a character Grant Morrison redefined in his legendary run, and the threat posed by the villainous Failsafe, the first arc got off to a great start. Building on its success on daredevilZdarsky, along with Jiménez, is sure to bring fans many more enjoyable arcs and moments.

3 Batman Vs. Ra’s Al Ghul Reunited Neal Adams With The Caped Crusader

In the 1970s, comic book legends Neal Adams and Dennis O’Neil teamed up for their iconic Batman race which saw the introduction of the Ra’s and Talia al Ghul. In 2019, Adams returned to this version of Batman lore, creating Batman vs. Ra’s al Ghuland once again pitted the Dark Knight against his legendary foe.

Along with his work on the book as a writer, penciler, inker, and letterer, this miniseries was a great showcase of Adams’ unrivaled talent. The story had a mysterious and unusual tone, though perfect for Adams as he delivered more of what made his Batman such a great time.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo reunited in 2017 to give fans an epic fight for the survival of the multiverse itself that will continue in a sequel. The Dark Night Metal The event saw the arrival of a group of evil Batmen assembled from the Dark Multiverse – a nightmarish universe where the darkest possibilities come true.

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As these evil Batman look-alikes begin their all-out war to claim the Multiverse as their own, Batman leads DC’s heroes to fight back. The event is not only full of incredible art, but also other fascinating shots of Batman, showing just how powerful he could be if he chose evil ways.

1 Peter J. Tomasi’s detective comic was full of great stories

Tomasi is known in comics for his reliable ability to produce action-packed comic stories that only cover a few issues at a time. Because of this style, Tomasi’s run tells a huge number of stories, from a major Mr. Freeze arc to a battle with the new canon version of Arkham Knight.

This race of Detective comics is one of the best feature films in the character’s history and spans from issues #994 to #1033. Not only is it one of Batman’s best runs, but also one of DC’s best runs of the two last decades. With a spotlight on characters from across the DC Universe, Tomasi is a must-read for all fans.

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