DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Virginia – One online fundraiser raised over $5,500 to help one of the burn victims from last week’s fire in a chemistry classroom Dinwiddie High School.

Jey Bryant’s father, 17, is a school resource officer in Prince George’s County.

Agent Magen Moreno, one of Bryant’s colleagues, is hosting a Facebook fundraiser to help the family.

“It was very difficult,” Moreno said. “They are very tired, exhausted.”

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Jey Bryant

Moreno said the family does not venture far from their son’s bedside at VCU Medical Center.

“I tried to keep my spirits up,” Moreno said. “At this point, we’re just trying to remind them to keep their strength up and make sure the family is eating and taking care of themselves, so they can be there for Jey.”

Moreno said the boy had recently been taken out of intensive care and was drinking more water.

“He’s tough and he’s definitely a fighter,” Moreno wrote.

But Moreno also knows there are other concerns like “living expenses,” so she organized a fundraiser.

“I didn’t want him to have to worry, with everything else, adding financial pressure,” Moreno said.

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Moreno called Bryant a “good friend” who “was always ready to help, to share his knowledge.”

“He has a lot of expertise and experience that he’s always ready to share with people,” Moreno said.

Last Friday, as information slowly began to emerge about the fire inside the chemistry lab, Moreno thought of Officer Bryant’s son, who she knew was a senior at school.

“I’ve heard Agent Bryant talk about his family and his kids in general, so of course hearing that is always a tragedy,” Moreno said.

Jey Bryant


Jey Bryant

Even if you are unable to make a monetary donation, Moreno is grateful for any support.

“The family has a long way to go. We ask for your generosity in donations to help pay for immediate health costs, fuel and food as well as future surgeries and therapies that will be needed during recovery,” Moreno wrote. “We appreciate the shares and just pray for the family.”

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The family said they appreciate the support they have received from Dinwiddie Secondary School, staff, teachers and students. However, they are concerned about the lack of support from the school board and the school administration.

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