LAKE CITY – As Marco Clark’s capital murder trial readied to begin, Clark changed his mind and pleaded guilty on Wednesday.

Circuit judge Dan Ritchey has sentenced Clark to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Clark killed his ex-wife, Melinda Coburn, on August 24, 2019.

Her body was found dead from a gunshot wound under a blanket in the front yard of the residence she and Clark had shared on Craighead Road 988, investigators said.

Clark was also charged with making a terrorist threat, violating a protection order and stealing property.

Clark posted an obscene rant on Facebook on the night of the murder, which not only mentioned being wanted for a murder in Jonesboro, but also offered a window into his thoughts and feelings about his situation and what he was ready for. make.

“Who will be my next (expletive) victim in Jonesboro?” Clark said as he drove Coburn’s white Dodge Challenger.

He later spoke of his apparent violent contempt for human life.

“I’m going to put holes in your face (expletive)!” he said. “Whether it is a policeman (officer) or whatever, I do not give (curse.)”

His video lasted two minutes and eight seconds.

Investigator Ron Richardson contacted Clark by phone and convinced him to surrender.

Keith Chrestman, District Attorney 2 Judicial District, congratulated Assistants Gina Knight and Martin Lilly for their work on the case.

“A guilty plea for capital murder is a rare thing. It is the product of the hard work and experience of Knight and Lilly, ”Chrestman said in a press release. “Their efforts make our community safer. That’s why I asked them to come to Craighead County. And I am grateful for their willingness to serve.

Knight and Lilly credited Craighead County Sheriff Marty Boyd and his deputies for their investigation and obtaining a confession from Clark.

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