In what came as shocking news, it is reported that the import-export company of Sonam Kapoor’s father-in-law, Harish Ahuja, has been duped out of more than Rs 27 crore. The news came to light after Faridabad Police arrested a gang of highly sophisticated cyber criminals. According to media reports, the defendants tricked Faridabad-based Ahuja company, Shahi Export Factory, into embezzling State and Central Taxes and Levies Reimbursement Licenses (ROSCTL). The media also suggested that Faridabad police have so far arrested 10 people in the case.

Note, the ROSCTL licenses play a key role in the case. The ROSCTL licenses, which are similar to digital coupons worth several lakh rupees, are given to the export film in the form of incentives which in turn entitles them to a discount on customs duty and excise. Reports suggested that the accused had obtained around 154 ROSCTL licenses which were for Ahuja’s business and were worth Rs 27.61 crore. According to reports, the defendants were transferring the ROSCTL licenses to fake companies and cashing them in later. Speaking about the case, Faridabad Police Deputy Commissioner (Headquarters) Nitish Agarwal said the accused also includes ex-employees and employees of the Directorate General of Foreign Trade who are well versed in the intricacies of authority.

It was also reported that the 10 defendants were arrested in Delhi, Chennai, Karnataka, Pune and other parts of the country. Meanwhile, it is reported that Sonam Kapoor’s husband, Anand Ahuja, is also the manager of his father’s company who was duped.

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