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ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights is a dark, anime-style 2D action RPG packed with all the ingredients that make a good game legendary, including solid gameplay and gorgeous graphics. While many games are known for one or the other, few have combined to conjure up such a beautiful nightmare.

Our protagonist is a lily white priestess who shines like a beacon of purity against the dark palette of a disturbing environment. She must travel through a wasteland known as Land’s End, a world polluted by something called the Rain of Death that keeps falling and turns all living things it touches into bloodthirsty corpses.

While Lily may seem overwhelmed for the waterlogged hellish landscape she finds herself in, she has a Guardian Knight watching over her, who provides combat and defensive support when enemies appear. The girl and her guardians represent the duality of light overcoming darkness – and understanding the dynamic between the two is key to conquering this game.

Along the way, they must defeat enemies large and small, preferably in that order, find and rally the remaining spirits in the land, and incorporate the skills of spiritual allies into their own ever-expanding repertoire of offensive and defensive movements.

Here are seven secrets to surviving and thriving in ENDER LILIES:

Know your enemies

The attacks and defenses of enemies vary and become more and more difficult as you progress through the game. This in itself is important to keep in mind, as you will undoubtedly have problems with some of the games. your opponents the first time you meet them. Don’t be discouraged when you lose, as you constantly become more powerful as you level up. When you’re ready for another attack on a boss, study their tendencies, time your counterattacks, and eventually you’ll come out victorious.

Muscle Memory

There is no substitute for muscle memory, and just about all video games require it. Don’t get discouraged the first time you feel you’re at a dead end or an enemy is knocking you out, you won’t lose your progress. Be patient and build your strength and experience by defeating weaker enemies. Sooner or later, even if you have to work a little to increase your powers, you will be able to overcome what at first seemed like insurmountable obstacles.

Master the map

Land’s End is a sprawling world and perversely beautiful, and while you can have fun wandering around aimlessly, there are always clues as to where you should go next to advance in the game. marked with green diamonds where you can rest, upgrade your equipment and equip different spirits. Red dots indicate lanes that you have not yet explored, but may need to travel.

Go back

Navigating every nook and cranny of the screen at any time has two benefits: It allows Lily to slowly level up and regain strength, while also allowing you to familiarize yourself with your immediate surroundings. This is essential because ENDER LILIES is part of the treasure hunt, and there are many places you need to return to in Land’s End after your character has reached a certain level or acquired particular spirits and abilities.

Don’t be weird with the range

While close quarters combat is the fastest way to deal with enemies, ranged attacks are a crucial part of the combat interface in ENDER LILIES, so make the most of it. While bosses might not be the best target for such an attack, it can come in very handy when you are focused on a task and want to quickly deal with lower level enemies.

Destroy your buildings

While your attacks look like weapons, your attack actually comes in the form of spirits, which you gain by exploring new environments and killing enemies. Whether it’s a powerful hammer attack or a crow that provides cover from above, learning how to use and deploy the wide variety of builds in the most efficient manner is a critical part of this. Game.

Boost your spirits

Since spirits are the essential ingredient in your combat system, decide if you are more of an offensive or defensive player and equip yourself accordingly. Don’t stock up on defensive spirits if you’re a more aggressive player, instead use these buffs to boost your punching ability. Being able to play the game in your own style makes it even more enjoyable.

By mastering some of the secrets described above, you should be able to help Lily light up the darkness of Land’s End.

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