Former A1 executive Dmitry Alexeyevich Vozianov quickly became a key contact for oligarchs involved in legal and business battles in London and Moscow. Operating in the shadows, the litigation shooter relies on a large network of allies, built up over the years within the Alfa group.

Although he does his best to avoid the limelight, the shy publicity Dmitry Vozianov stepped out of the shadows as an advisor to the Kazakh mining company ENRC in his lawsuit against his former lawyer Neil gerrard. Several sources suggested that he also supported Dmitry Rybolovlev during his dispute with an art dealer Yves Bouvier (IO, 11/16/16); Vozianov told Online Intelligence that he is not currently working for Mr Rybolovlev and that he has neither confirmed nor denied having had this working relationship in the past.

Vozianov, an engineer by training born in St. Petersburg on May 23, 1971, did not seem destined for a career in the world of influence and high-stakes legal clashes. Dmitri Zimin, who co-founded the mobile phone company Vimpelcom in 1992, offered him his first career opportunity in 2000, when he entrusted it to Straight line, the brand of the company. His big breakthrough, which catapulted him into another realm, came when the corporate raider Mikhail Fridman, the co-founder of the consortium Alfa Group, named it the spearhead of its telecoms offensive in the 2000s.

Under the wing of Fridman, Vozianov quickly established himself in the investment arm of the Alfa group, Alfa Eco, determining in its acquisition of MegaFonchallenges. The deal marked a turning point in Vozianov’s nascent career, giving him an appetite for “special situations” but also leaving a bittersweet feeling when the payoff for his efforts on the MegaFon deal was less generous than it did. had hoped for.

In the 2010s, Vozianov brought his experience to several major civil cases, including, according to our sources, the hunt for Russian bank assets on behalf of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) and for Magomedov (IO, 10/21/20) the head of Sum group. It was decisive for the Irish Bank Resolution Firmthe legal action of (IBRC) against its former shareholder Sean Quinn in 2013. The cases won him kudos in London and turned him into a go-to litigator in “Londongrad”, as the London-based Russian business community has dubbed him.

After attracting the attention of FBI and the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), according to Online Intelligencesources of, for his services to the oligarchs sanctioned by the United States (IO, 02/14/18), Vozianov moved to the management of a group of small consulting firms in Moscow – AXIOM and Group A – with the help of a small group of consultants, mainly veterans of A1, as Alfa Eco was later called.
Even though he no longer has a formal role at Alfa, Vozianov continues to use the skills he acquired while working for Fridman, helping with business takeovers, while developing his expertise in litigation support. companies that find themselves in “special situations”.