Continuing a tradition established by DC’s White Knight Universe, Robert Pattinson’s Batman-owned Batmobile has made its way to the comics.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Batman: Beyond the White Knight #3

The new version of Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile is officially part of DC Comics canon. Debut in 2022 The Batman, the latest live-action Batmobile is a product of Bruce Wayne’s early career, being essentially a modified muscle car he uses to apprehend the Penguin (played by Colin Farrell). Now the Pattinson Batmobile debuted in the latest issue of Batman: Beyond the White Knight.

Previously on Sean Murphy Beyond the White Knight, Bruce Wayne has escaped from prison. Responding to reports that a new Batman has appeared wearing a stolen prototype battlesuit, the original Dark Knight believes only he can stop Terry McGinnis. Flipping the script, McGinnis surprisingly works for the corrupt Derek Powers in this alternate version of Gotham City. Now a fugitive from the law, Bruce is on the run from the Gotham Terrorism Oppression Unit, a task force that works in tandem with the GCPD to replace Batman.


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As seen in Beyond the White Knight #3the GTO is still using the collection of Batmobiles that Bruce Wayne donated just before he was publicly unmasked in the first White knight series to regain the confidence of the city. Serving as insanely fun Easter eggs, many Batmobiles are from movies such as one of the films directed by Tim Burton as well as the Batmobile seen in Batman: The Animated Series. Throughout Sean Murphy White knightseeing the Batmobiles movie on the page has become a tradition which now includes the latest Batmobile movie from The Batmanseen when Dick Grayson talks with Bruce Wayne’s Derek Powers.


While the best Batmobile of all time will always be a hotly debated topic among Bat fans, it’s no secret that Robert Pattinson usually ranks pretty high. Its simple yet effective Batmobile design is a perfect match for Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne as he further refines his crusade against Gotham’s criminals in his second year as a vigilante. As such, it’s very exciting to see its debut in the GTO garage.

It should also be noted that White knight isn’t the only place live-action Batmobiles have appeared in the comics. They have also been known to appear as Easter Eggs from time to time in the primary DC Universe. Keeping that in mind, it’s very likely that the Batmobile seen in The Batman will make an appearance in the main continuity at some point down the road.

Here’s hoping someone like GTO’s Dick Grayson gets the chance to bust out the epic easter egg for a ride like Beyond the White Knight continues from DC Comics.

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