We do not expect highs below 100° over the next seven days.

AUSTIN, Texas — Y’all, it’s going to be hot in central Texas. Like really hot.

In fact, we don’t expect a single day in the next seven days that we won’t have highs below 100°. Tomorrow’s highs could hit the 104° mark during peak daytime heating.

As a result, we will have heat indices reaching around 106°, prompting a heat advisory for much of the area.

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A heat advisory means that air temperatures or heat indices could be high enough for heat-related illnesses to occur. These illnesses are caused primarily by dehydration, so it’s important that you take all necessary precautions, such as drinking plenty of water, as well as limiting time spent outdoors and applying sunscreen if you plan to be out. water (or in this).

Some of these heat illnesses include heat exhaustion and heat stroke. They are two totally different diseases but have similar symptoms.

For example, in terms of how it affects a person’s head, in heat exhaustion the person may feel weak or dizzy, while heatstroke is accompanied by headaches. nagging.

Also, only people with heat exhaustion will sweat, and they will do so excessively.

Although both conditions involve nausea and vomiting, people with heat stroke will have a stronger pulse and could pass out. Therefore, it is important that if you witness someone who may be suffering from heat stroke, call 911 immediately and be sure to take cooling precautions with them until help arrives.

For those suffering from heat exhaustion, immediately move to a cooler place with adequate air conditioning, drink plenty of water and also take a cool shower.

With all of this in mind, many are also asking this question:

When will we see cooler temperatures?

Unfortunately, this dry, hot pattern will continue for at least the next seven days, as an area of ​​high pressure builds from northern Mexico, bringing what is called continental tropical air, which is a technical term. for hot, dry air.

Due to this air mass, we will stay warm and dry for the next few days.

Specifically, the seven-day forecast paints a perfect picture of how hot it will be, and they can be found below:

Stay with the KVUE Storm team for the latest news on this heat wave.