Prater says Luck works for City Care, a nonprofit that helps homeless people and people returning from incarceration. He is also on the national board of directors of the Center for Employment Opportunities, a nonprofit serving those recently released from custody, according to documents.

Doyle is the regional director of the Center for Employment Opportunities, according to documents. The Center for Employment Opportunities is a member of the Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform, which is working to reduce incarceration rates, according to Prater’s office.

The prosecutor also points to Luck’s social media posts which he says show a bias towards offenders.

“Luck’s constant messages about how wonderful he is for the release of inmates is good if he was not a member of the board that decides on the inmate’s release,” Prater said in documents calling for the recusal.

Prater alleges that the Center for Employment Opportunities, Doyle’s employer, benefits greatly from his votes on the board, according to the documents.

“Doyle’s private job colors her judgment when she votes for parole, shuttle or inmate release,” Prater continues.

Pardons and Parole Board director Tom Bates declined to comment.

Prater is also asking the Pardons and Parole Board to disqualify Jones from switching based on a rule that says if an offender receives a misconduct citation while in step 2 of the process, the detainee cannot appear before the commission and becomes ineligible.

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