A MOUNTAIN rescue team has come to the aid of a heat-defeated walker in North Yorkshire.

Scarborough & Ryedale Mountain Rescue said North Yorkshire Police called to say a couple and their two dogs walking a circular route using the Cleveland Way had called 999 to say the lady at the party had become very ill and was unable to continue.

“Despite being well prepared, the couple suspected she was suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration,” he added.

“They were located on the Cleveland Way long distance road, just north of Ravenscar.

“Once there, we discovered the lady was lying in limited shade and she was able to describe her condition and symptoms prior to the call.

“After a period of rest while she took additional fluids, we walked her slowly to a waiting team vehicle and then drove the group back to their car in Ravenscar.

“The lady then felt well enough for her husband to drive them all back to the local holiday home where they were staying with advice on what to do if her condition deteriorated. We wish her a speedy recovery and hope that they will enjoy the rest of their vacation.

We had fifteen team members deployed for two and three quarter hours, luckily not all of them needed as the lady was able to get out of the discovery site and did not need a stretcher.”

The rescue team said they do not normally comment on the incidents and there was NO criticism of the couple, who were experienced and well-equipped walkers carrying what they believed to be sufficient food and liquids for them and their dogs.

“They had walked the route before and had planned to stop at a popular cafe in the middle of the walk for some extra refreshment, but unbeknownst to them when they started the cafe was closed due to a staff illness.They also called for help at the right time and took all the right steps.

“The weather should get considerably warmer over the next two days, perhaps a good time to postpone this exercise for a few days – the view will still be there.”