As promised, moon knight was a Marvel Studios production like no other. This mystery-based series, starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, is not only the first MCU project of 2022, but it also broke new ground in terms of its supernatural focus, mature tone, and lack of connections and… Easter eggs to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

moon knight is also unique in that its hero struggles with dissociative identity disorder, and much of the show’s intrigue and mystery is rooted in the character’s mental state and various personalities.


In fact, in episode 4, titled “The Tomb”, moon knightas well as the series’ Egyptian supernatural elements, led to a twist of the cliff, with fans questioning everything that came before and where episodes 5 and 6 might lead.

While it’s true that moon knight has been limited in its references to the larger MCU, the series hasn’t completely abandoned the practice. Episode 4’s monumental, albeit confusing, climax scene was a veritable treasure trove of Easter eggs from previous episodes that have more to say about the reality of this series than fans initially realized.

Moon Knight Video Highlights Episode 4 Easter Eggs

Episode 4 of moon knight ended with Ethan Hawke’s villainous Arthur Harrow shooting Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector. Marc then wakes up in a stark, white mental institution where the show’s characters, including Layla, are his fellow patients; and the asylum itself is littered with references from the show so far.


geek.stufff has now posted a TikTok video comparing 14 individuals or objects seen in the asylum to where they appeared in previous episodes of the series.

For example, the video compares the cupcake truck that Steven Grant found himself driving in Episode 1 to the trolley of the same cupcakes in the institution.


The video also shows silent, gold-covered street performer Crawley, whom Steven Grant has always talked to, is no longer gold and now calls Bingo.


Moon Knight Crawley

Another callback shows Marc, in the asylum, finding himself strapped to a wheelchair, the same way Steven strapped himself to his bed to avoid sleepwalking.

moon knight

The scene where Steven wakes up near a European village and a castle – which many Marvel fans assumed was Latveria – is a shot from the asylum.

Moon Knight Latvia

And, perhaps the most shocking moment of moon knight so far, the appearance of the anthropomorphic hippo – who appears to be the Egyptian goddess Taweret – was first teased in Episode 1 as a stuffed hippo at the museum’s gift shop.


moon knight hippopotamus

The full video and its additional references can be seen below:

Chaos of cupcakes, goldfish and bingo

While audiences have undoubtedly picked up on a few of these reminders watching moon knightIn the episode 4 twist, it’s fascinating to see how many there were and in direct comparison to where they appeared in previous scenes in the show.


For weeks, Marvel Studios has released posters featuring some of these items. Back then, few would have guessed that they would be the tools to get fans to question reality, the same way Steven Grant has always questioned reality.

There’s also the new question of what the asylum bingo cards could mean, given their use in the facility but their absence in previous episodes.

In addition to the mystery surrounding these references, the asylum office where Ethan Hawke’s Harrow interviews Marc has also been seen on the show before.


In Episode 2, Steven and Layla find themselves in a storage room full of artifacts as they try to escape Harrow and his cult. This same storage room is Harrow’s office but with a white paint job and a few new touches.

Since moon knight With only two episodes left, what all these references mean and what really happens to Marc and Steven should be revealed soon. However, this does not mean that the series ends with surprises because, according to its executive producer, episodes 5 and 6 are also “will blow your mind.”

Fans should prepare to embrace the mayhem as new episodes of moon knight debuts Wednesdays on Disney+.



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