A story in Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1 sees Spider-Man asking Moon Knight for a favor, but MK already owes Peter a humiliating debt.

Warning: Spoilers for Moon Knight: Black, White, and Blood #1 are ahead.

In Marvel Comics, Moon Knight may be Khonshu’s fist, but that doesn’t make him above doing favors for other heroes like Spider Man. In fact, Moon Knight owes a debt to Spider-Man, given that he spent most of the year impersonating the crawler.

Marc Spector has always used multiple personas in his time as Moon Knight. Early in the character’s story, these alternate identities were little more than disguises that Spector would use to move around in different circles. The creators would later expand on this idea as the comics became more interested in superhero psychology, explaining that Moon Knight’s different identities resulted from the character suffering from dissociative identity disorder. This change largely stayed in canon as various creators came along and revamped the character every few years. Traditionally, Moon Knight has had three identities: mercenary Marc Spector, wealthy playboy Steven Grant, and taxi driver Jake Lockley, but more recent runs have introduced other characters like the popular Mr. Knight, recently adapted into the Moon Knight TV series.


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A story in the recent Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1 hints that the Fist of Khonshu might be a hypocrite, especially since he poses as members of the Avengers. Written by Murewe Ayodele and illustrated by Dotun Akande, “So White. Yet So Dark. is a team-up between Moon Knight and Spider-Man, in which the crawler offers to help MK defeat a group of thieves trying to destroy ‘summon the Egyptian god Anubis. All Spider-Man wants in return is to borrow Moon Knight’s fancy white suit from his Mr. Knight persona for a night out. Moon Knight reluctantly agrees once the two stop the villain’s plans, but not without giving Spider-Man a hard time first, yet considering he was wearing his costume and pretending to be Spider-Man from years before, the least Spector can do is lend him the costume for free. Spider-Man doesn’t even want to borrow Moon Knight’s high-tech crime-fighting equipment; he just wants to borrow a nice suit jacket for a night.

This is a reminder to Moon Knight series from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev, which took this basic concept of Moon Knight’s various identities and added a new wrinkle to the mix. Instead of one of Spector’s established identities, this time Moon Knight took on the personas of three different Marvel heroes: Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. Moon Knight even goes so far as to wear each hero’s respective costume to fully embody them as they take on the Los Angeles underworld. Moon Knight’s other Avengers finally figured out that their teammate was impersonating them, leaving Peter Parker to ask Spector rather hilariously at one point, “I have to ask – did you – did you dress up as me and beat a strip club?“Moon Knight has finally removed his “Avengers” characters.

Apparently, among the many gifts Khonshu gives to his earthly avatar, a long memory doesn’t seem to be one of them. One thing is certain: even if you are Spider Mandon’t look Moon Knight to repay any favor.

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Moon Knight: Black, White and Blood #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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