Moon Knight fixes one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most lingering problems with its introduction to Marc Spector and Steven Grant.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Moon Knight!

Moon Knight finally solves one of the MCU’s biggest superhero problems, even before the character was officially a member of the Avengers. This problem has been present since the first wave of Marvel Phase 1 movies, including Thor. However, it is illustrated in The Avengers and persisted into later phases, even after the events of the Infinity Saga and into Phase 4. Moon Knight is finally setting the record straight, taking note of its Marvel Comics source material to do so.

Oscar Isaac stars in Moon Knight as Marc Spector, a man with dissociative identity disorder, who becomes the avatar of the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. With the powers of Khonshu at his disposal, Marc is able to transform into the vigilante Moon Knight, donning an Egyptian mummy-inspired costume, complete with hooded cape and glowing eyes. He also wields two crescent moon-shaped weapons that can detach from the center plate on his chest. One of Marc’s personalities is a Briton named Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift seller in London. When Grant takes control and becomes Khonshu’s avatar, he becomes Mr. Knight, a well-dressed variant of Moon Knight in a white three-piece suit and gloves.


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superhero costumes in Moon Knight are both comedic and accurate in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other MCU movies and TV shows have always struggled to find that fine balance. While Captain America’s costume in Captain America: The First Avenger is awesome, his winged helmet costume in The Avengers is a dud and doesn’t look realistic or comical. Its plastic aesthetic makes it look more like a Captain America cosplay than the First Avenger uniform. In contrast, Moon Knight’s costume is spot on – it looks old, decrepit, and otherworldly, perfectly encapsulating what the character is all about while embracing her look from the comics.

Oscar Isaac as Mr. Knight for Moon Knight

Magical Marvel superheroes shouldn’t have realistic, military costumes; their appeal is that they are not rooted in reality. Moon Knight understands this, giving the character his glowing eyes, cape, and a costume that looks more like a demon than a hero. Some MCU magic users like Doctor Strange look great, but characters like Shang-Chi and even Scarlet Witch often struggle in the costume department. The costume of Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch in Avengers: Age of Ultron is too basic, and while his gaze in Wanda Vision may seem comical, it’s defined by the same militaristic armor worn by soldier characters like Captain America.

Moon Knight understands that a magical hero needs a magical costume, and it wouldn’t make sense for him, as the mythical avatar of the Egyptian god Khonshu, to wear a militaristic white love veneer. The Mr Knight costume also works well, as it is unique to the MCU world. He is comically accurate and also helps Moon Knight stand out and demonstrate that Marvel is ready to adapt foreign comic costumes. Moon Knight shows how to get the right superhero costumes, and Marc Spector and Steven Grant look perfect when they dress as Moon Knight and Mr Knight respectively.

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