Using active notation

You might be inclined to believe that the game notations below should simply be looked at and the moves played out in your mind. But as most of you know, you can click on the moves to get a separate replay board, which you can resize and move to the best place on your screen. The popup board has full controls and you can use the navigation buttons to advance moves, as well as use a motor or save the game or position to your computer. In the engine window you can ask for several lines, or what the threat is, or see the positional rating of the position.

The Vancura Draw

This maneuver is one that regularly occurs or threatens to occur. A position worth studying, learning and keeping as another tool in your toolbox.


No wall is impervious, and in this next endgame we see white breaking through with timely precision shots.

The perpetual net check

Queen endings are often defined by dangerous passed pawns, king safety, and perpetual check threats. Here is a nice example of all these themes in play.

The hunt for the knight

As black starts with a light pawn, the conversion is not obvious. The powerful Polish player begins a hunt for the White Knight which soon forces surrender.

Zug then zwang

In a painful lesson, Black finds herself completely paralyzed, with no movement at her disposal. Following the established game plan, start with zugzwang then sponge.