WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange suffered a stroke on October 27, according to revealed this Saturday his companion Stella Moris at the British tabloid Daily mail.

The stroke struck the Australian programmer as he was participating by video conference in a London High Court hearing from Belmarsh maximum security prison. Moris indicated that he was a microictus during which Assange experienced memory problems, signs of neurological damage, and a drooping right eyelid.

After seeing that the cyber activist was not feeling well, the judge allowed him to leave the hearing, but Assange was unable to leave the prison video room. Later, a doctor examined his condition and concluded that the patient had a late response from the student illuminating one eye, which could indicate possible damage to the nervous system. In addition, they had an MRI and prescribed anti-stroke medication.

“Julian is struggling and I’m afraid this mini-stroke is the precursor to a bigger attack. This exacerbates our fears about his survivability the longer this long legal battle lasts, ”lamented Moris.

“Look at the animals imprisoned in cages in a zoo. They shorten their lives. This is what happens to Julian. The interminable court cases are extremely stressful mentally, ”he continued, adding that it was the legal battles that caused the episode of October 27.

“Ua war of exhaustion

The London High Court of Justice on Friday approved the cyber activist’s extradition, saying it was satisfied with the US side’s guarantees that Assange will not be subjected to a severe diet known as special administrative measures for detention in the country of North America. The defense of the founder of WikiLeaks has the right to challenge the decision until December 23.

In view of the move, Assange’s partner reiterated that the activist poses “no threat to anyone” just as they attacked the United States, arguing that Wahsington is performing “a war of exhaustion“” It is always scandalous that a person who does not serve a prison sentence stays in prison for years, “said Moris.

  • Assange, 50, is charged in the United States for publishing hundreds of thousands of pages of secret military documents and confidential diplomatic cables on the North American country’s activities in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have been released through your WikiLeaks leak portal. The charges against him are punishable by a maximum penalty of 175 years in prison.

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