Joyce Pring and Juancho Triviño’s son Baby Eliam has officially turned six months old!

“Today, our little explorer is 6 months old … or as his daddy likes to say, he is now 0.5 years old!” Joyce Pring wrote in the caption of her post when sharing a photo carrying baby Eliam.

“My Ewiam meliam peanut chuychuy, God poured out his love immensely for me through you,” she wrote in the caption. “This half-year of you on the Earth side has been the best half-year of my life.”

“I rejoice in the exhaustion of breastfeeding, the daily battle for sleep and the constant doubt that lingers in my head if I could ever be a good enough mother to you, knowing that no matter how motherhood is difficult, it is now my call to respond and enter courageously, with the gracious direction of God, ”she added.

Joyce expressed her gratitude to her baby boy “for being such a sweet, patient, happy, curious, sun-filled little guy.”

“Sometimes I cry with joy knowing that you will always be my baby, and I will always be your mom, no matter how tall you are (and you will get really tall, with the rate at which you go),” she said. added.

“Keep smiling, buddy. Mom and dad love you forever,” she finished her note.

Joyce and Juancho, who found love as co-hosts of GMA’s “Unang Hirit”, welcomed their first child Baby Alonso Eliam in July this year.

They have also moved into a beautiful new home where they just spent their first Christmas with a family of three. —JAB, GMA News.