Our negotiating team met with management on December 28 to continue negotiations and worked until the early hours of the next day. Although we were able to move forward, we were disappointed with the management’s economic proposition.

Management is proposing to reduce our medical leave by removing the protections that allow you to return to your post after having recovered from medical or maternal leave. An even more unthinkable prospect in the days of COVID.

They want to eliminate shift differential pay for day shift employees and some evening shift employees based on the timing of your shifts. It comes at a time when almost everyone is already working well beyond their FTE due to understaffing and feeling the emotional and burnout that is hitting more than ever before.

Management says they want to raise salaries to be competitive in the market but seem to be leaving those who have spent the most time with Jefferson Healthcare behind by offering several salary proposals where nurses would earn less money each following year than they do. the previous year .

Jefferson tells us it’s the best they can do. This is unacceptable and NOW Now is the time to let them know that we will not be accepting take out in our contract. We have worked hard to serve our community and our patients during this unprecedented crisis, and it is unreasonable of Jefferson to expect us to do this and do it when they take even more from us than both. last years.

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Please contact one of the nurses on the bargaining team for more details: Ben Schadler, RN ICU; Melanee Knudson, IA FBC; Jeannette Hundley, IA Surgical Services; Robin Bridge, IA ED

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