A weak immune system is often a welcome note for various serious illnesses and health conditions. Viruses and bacteria constantly attack our body if its “defenses” are not strong. It is essential that each person has a clear understanding of the strength of their immune system. This would help us better prepare to fight global pandemics like COVID-19. Take note of these symptoms to find out if your immune system is weakened.

Anger issues
Stay calm and take note if you think you are angry and upset all the time. Losing your temper over even simple questions could indicate that all is not well with your body. A peaceful and calm mind can only dwell in a healthy body. Health issues can also affect your mind. If you are feeling excessive anger and severe mental stress, then it would be wise to observe if your body has been subjected to viral infections. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you realize that you are suffering from constant viral and bacterial infections.

The body would use energy while constantly fighting off viruses and bacteria. If you feel severe exhaustion even after eating nutritious food or getting enough rest, it shows that your immune system has been compromised.

fresh wound
If you think cut wounds or burns on your body take forever to heal, then the real problem lies with the immune system. Wounds in the body of a person who has a strong immune system would heal quickly.

long cold
It is common for you to catch a cold several times a year. However, if you suffer from a constant cold or a prolonged cold, it could be a symptom of low immunity. Someone with a weakened immune system would easily catch a cold. They would get sick if they did heavy physical labor or were mentally stressed.

If you observe these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention to boost your immune system. The immune system could be strengthened and rejuvenated by changing your diet or lifestyle a little. Fruits, vegetables and supplements should be taken to enjoy a healthy immune system. Following a diet rich in antioxidants and vitamins may help boost your immune system.