An Irish father of three has shared his tips to help parents and their children sleep better.

After Chris McFadden and his wife Danni welcomed their first child Teddy, they found themselves unable to sleep as their son kept waking up during the night.

After trying to remedy the problem by googling different sleep techniques and not finding a solution that worked, the couple decided to contact a sleep consultant.

Chris said: “When he (Teddy) was six months old he slept terribly. He was horrible. He was awake many times a night we couldn’t get him to sleep and if when was it just ‘when is he going to the next wake up” and we were just broken, physically, mentally, emotionally and so we decided to hire a sleep coach, a sleep consultant because we just didn’t know what to do. “

Chris said hiring a sleep coach completely changed his and his wife’s life as they could now sleep better themselves and be better parents.

He said: “We were in this situation where there was a lot of information online, and we were googling it. My wife would have a point of view. I would have a different point of view. We were arguing at that topic and we realized we needed help.”

He added, “So we hired a sleep consultant, and it changed our lives, without sounding too dramatic…it changed our lives.

“We went from being up all night, to sleep deprivation at its worst, and within weeks we had a baby who slept pretty much through the night.

Chris McFadden and his wife Danni

“He was able to get down on his own. He would settle into the bed. We could get out of the room. He slept pretty much all night, if not most nights, and we had a burst of energy. We We were sleeping, we were patient, we were good parents.

“When you’re not sleeping and you’re tired, you don’t always have the best patience, and we were thriving as parents. We were having fun and enjoying ourselves as much as we hoped and thought we had.”

After the experience, Chris and Danni decided they wanted to help other parents with the same problem and set up The Sleep Consultant Dad to advise parents on establishing a healthy sleep routine.

Chris shared some of the best advice he teaches now and uncovered some of the myths that many parents believe to be true.

He said: “For newborns, it’s about setting up that sleep pattern day and night. If the baby sleeps consistently all day and then wakes up for periods of the night, that probably suggests that he misunderstood it, and it’s worth trying to do so using gentle techniques like trying to wake them up more during the day.

Chris McFadden and his wife Danni

“A lukewarm bath, for example, to stimulate them a bit more, and then if you do it regularly enough, they will start to wake up more and more during the day and hopefully sleep longer or better at night.”

A day and night routine is essential for newborns because, in the womb, they don’t know what time it is and therefore can have a hard time adjusting.

Chris said: “Set up a bedtime routine for newborns. Show them every night that they’ve transitioned from day to night. It’s all about that day, night rhythm, so those are very gentle strategies. , but over the course of a week or two can make a huge difference in how much time they can sleep.

He added: “It’s important to have a good sleeping environment… It’s important to have a very dark bedroom for children. For older toddlers, it can be important to have a night light. in case they need to go to the toilet at night, but for babies, total darkness is the best you can do.

Chris McFadden

“It’s also important to try to get enough sleep during the day for babies. Many parents think that by having a baby who doesn’t sleep as much during the day, they will be tired enough for bedtime, which is quite the opposite.

“If they don’t get enough sleep during the day, they’ll end up being too tired, which will create a really tough bedtime and a really tough night due to excessive fatigue.

“Babies aged five to six months can only sleep for about an hour and a half to two hours at a time, so it’s important to set up a routine that reflects that.”