India said an inter-ministerial group has been set up to consider certain countries’ demands for wheat supply.

However, the Indian government has sought to commit that these shipments will only be used for their local populations and will no longer be exported, reports our correspondent in New Delhi.

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“I want to give this message very clearly. The friendly nations who have asked us for help, there is an inter-ministerial committee and officials from the ministries of agriculture, food and foreign affairs are part of this committee “, said Piyush, Minister of Trade, Industry and Food. Goyal told media on Friday.

“Based on the populations of the countries and their actual needs, especially for our neighbors and friendly countries, this committee makes a decision and authorizes the export of wheat. No matter which foreign government requests it, the committee will review it,” Goyal said.

He, however, clarified that India insists that any country “that wants wheat from us only asks for its local people and does not allow it to be exported from there.”

Goyal’s remarks come after reports that shipments of Indian wheat destined for the Netherlands were diverted to Turkey. Goyal said an investigation is underway to find out how it happened.

“An investigation is ongoing but what we have learned so far is that this shipment was exported by ITC Limited which is a big company with a reputation even around the world and there is no doubt about their quality standards and control procedures. You will be shocked to hear that ITC had sold this wheat to the Netherlands and didn’t even know it was for Turkey,” he said.

Asked about media reports that Turkey rejected Indian wheat, he said that India had, in fact, never sent wheat to that country and no one had raised any quality issues regarding the wheat. Indian wheat in the past two years, when exports increased sharply.

Goyal said all wheat exports, including those that were allowed, were being investigated and audited because some people tried to circumvent the ban by “making backdated applications and letters of credit.” .

He warned that the government would firmly reprimand anyone who tried to backdate a letter of credit and made an export application on the basis of irregular documents.

“Even those who have already obtained authorization based on the online approval process, we are also investigating each of them to verify. The strongest action will be taken against any exporter who has tried to circumvent the system”, Goyal added.