Not counting the loans, Gianforte’s campaign has raised more than $ 3.4 million since June 2019, when he announced his offer. This exceeds the $ 3.2 million Bullock brought in in the 2016 race, which broke a contribution record.

While Greg Gianforte has enjoyed record support from Montanais across our state, career politician Mike Cooney has leaned on outside special interests, black money groups, Hollywood elites and cocktail tours in New York and California, ”said campaign spokesperson Travis Hall. .

Gianforte’s campaign reported that outside groups were spending $ 13 million on advertising to support Cooney.

Cooney’s campaign on Tuesday criticized Gianforte’s self-financing.

“This is the most competitive governor’s race in the country, and Greg Gianforte has clearly noticed that he’s not winning,” said Cooney for Montana director of communications Ronja Abel. “Gianforte is sweating and struggling to recover from the months where Mike Cooney hammers him. His record … In two weeks, the Montanans will finally send this rich moron back to New Jersey, where he belongs.

The Cook Political Report ranks the race at random. A recent Montana State University poll shows Gianforte is 47% versus 42% for Cooney, with 7% being undecided. It’s within the margin of error.