Freedom Business Summit 2021 – Global summit for those looking for ways to reclaim their freedom, mitigate geopolitical risk, protect their wealth, and create a location independent way of life

Delhi, India, October 20, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – This year on November 6-7, 2021, we decided to bring together over 2,000 of the world’s top entrepreneurs to learn proven strategies, get proven systems to build a successful business. freedom, create a winning spirit and run your business around the world from freedom entrepreneurs, world travelers, global investors and remote startup founders.

Freedom Business Summit – is not just a regular summit, it is a location independent lifestyle philosophy that is organized in official partnership with e-Residency Estonia, Insured Nomads, Binance and the Migronis citizenship agency .

Summit agenda

Bringing together topics not covered in the mainstream media, the summit aims to educate those who value their freedom on topics such as:

Self Sovereignty 101 – embrace the prepper mentality and become a free man.
Judicial arbitration – playing the game of flag theory, why having a second passport is necessary, how to choose the right jurisdiction and what the paperwork looks like.
Global incorporation – looking for a better regulatory environment for your business.
Bitcoin through a macro lens – your hedge against the money printer.
Build a citadel – build self-sufficient housing.
Unschooling – teach your kids critical thinking.
Taxation – legal means to minimize or entirely avoid the burden of capital gains and income tax.

Meet our speakers

More than 20 speakers and entrepreneurs from 20 countries: Brazil, United States, Estonia, France, Spain, Malta, Canada, Portugal, Romania will join Freedom Business Summit to share their experience on managing and managing a business remotely.

Bryan Benson – CEO of Binance LATAM
Brett Estep – Vice-president at Insured Nomads USA
Daniel Prince – The Once BITTen USA podcast
Kemal Nicholson – Citizenship Programs Expert Antigua and Barbuda
Liam Martin – Co-founder (Canada)
Alla Adam – Smart Human, Life Coach (Chicago, USA)
Alex Huditan – Entrepreneur at Amazon & Lifestyle (Romania)
Katie Ananina – CEO PlanBPassport (USA)
Viktorija Simulynaite – CEO Sovereign Man (Worldwide)
Marat Kurbanov – Senior Analyst at Sovereign Man, (Chile, Spain)
Marvin Liao – VC, ex-partner at 500 STARTUPS (USA)
Andreas Wil Gerdes – Entrepreneur, Citizen of the World # 8 (Malta)
Jeff Ruiz – Online Entrepreneur (France)
Gil Petersil – Professional Networker (Singapore)
Hannah Brown – Content Manager, e-Residency of Estonia

Each expert will share their experience of managing remote online teams and a virtual company, investing abroad, obtaining a second nationality, registering companies in low tax countries, opening bank accounts and obtaining visas for online entrepreneurs.

Once you attend the Freedom Business Summit it can be life changing and you will get a one way ticket to a life full of freedom, a remote business lifestyle and unstoppable trips to the best destinations in the world.

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Summit organized and produced by Travel MBA

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