Classic weapons and armor were added in patch 6.05 for Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. These are powerful crafted sets that can compete and even beat equipment found in Pandaemonium Asphodelos’ normal mode. Best of all, with no Weekly Lockdown, players can fully equip themselves in Classic with Just Time and Gil.

Those who hope for a new fashion out of the ordinary will be disappointed. Unlike the still very popular neo-Ishgardian ensembles of Shadowbringer, Classical is a re-coloring of the Republican armor of Stromblood. Those looking to use the gear for Glamor can instead earn Wolf Marks from Final Fantasy XIV PvP content.


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Craftsmen and potential buyers should review the final statistics for each classic piece. Normal quality items perform relatively poorly, forcing high quality builds to be created and supercooled with up to five Materia. For the sub-stats, Direct Hit and Critical Hit will be the most useful. This, in turn, can make it difficult to sell or find pieces that are too focused on Tenacity, Piety, or Spell Speed.

Crafting classic gear in Final Fantasy XIV

Purple Scrip Aethersand seller in Final Fantasy 14

While conventional equipment is for Final Fantasy XIV combat roles, a mix of different Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of the Earth will be needed to forge a complete set. Players who have not reached level 90 with the 11 non-combat classes will have to rely on others for the remaining items. Alternatively, one may be able to earn extra money by selling these items on market signs. But as with all aspects of live service, it will depend on the economics of the player’s global and regional data center.

Recipes by class

Each level 90 Disciple of the Hand can craft weapons and armor for specific combat tasks or roles. To buy just one New main recipe manual, you will need 1200 White Crafter Scrips – 8400 in total for all conventional equipment. These can be easily acquired by Final FantasyXIVCustom deliveries, collectibles, or Studium quests in Old Sharlayan. Main Recipes can be purchased from any Script Exchange NPC in any major city.

  • Carpenter: Dragon, Bard, Black Mage, and White Mage weapons; Bracelets, ironwood
  • Black-smith: Paladin, warrior, dark knight, weapon breaker, reaper, monk, samurai, ninja, machinist and dancer; Lunar Adamantite Ingot
  • Goldsmith: Weapons of the Red Mage, the Astrologer and the Sage; Helm of Casting / Healing, Healing Hands, Earrings, Rings, Rhodium Ingot
  • Gunsmith: Shield, Guard / Mayhem / Strike / Recon Helm, Strike / Recon Corps, Guard / Strike / Strike / Recon Hands, Guard / Recon Feet, Lunar Adamantite Ingot
  • Leather worker: Sight Body, Casting Hands, Mayhem / Strike / Sight Feet / Launch / Heal, Clamps, Amynodon Leather, Glamor Set of Happiness
  • Weaver: Aiming Head, Defense Body / Mayhem / Casting / Healing, Aiming Hands, All Legs, Golden Silk, Cloak of Glamor Happiness
  • Alchemist: Scholar and Summoner Weapons; Alkaests, Tinctures

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Raw materials

Creation of classic equipment in FFXIV requires three main types of materials: regional folklore items, ether sand, and aphorism. For folklore, Gatherers will have to spend 1,600 White Gatherer Scrips out of 16 RegionalTrader’s Token C. They can then be given to the Splendor vendor in Radz-at-Han to unlock new possible gathering materials per region. With three classes and three regions that can equal 14,440 White Scrips for those who want it all. However, most of the fishermen’s catches will not be used to make conventional gear.

The other types of articles are a bit more straightforward. Master Recipe Nine Bound Aethersand can be purchased from Script Exchange NPCs for 200 Purple Gatherer Scripts per piece. Objects of aphorism can be received from Cihanti to Radz-at-Han under his “Othe” option. Each individual ingredient costs 20 Tome Stones of Aphorism. In most cases, the Aphorism items themselves must be crafted with the Regional Folklore items to fabricate the final materials listed above.

Statistics and crafting abilities in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy 14 Complete Classic Punch Set

To even try to make level nine main recipes in FFXIVIt will take at least 3180 Crafting and 3080 Control. This can be achieved with the Purple Crafter Scrip gear for the left parts (main hand, armor) and high quality craft gear on the right side (off hand, props). However, one can also consider additional Materia spaces via high-quality handcrafted armor made with Dynamis crystals.

Materia and food

At a minimum, players will want to merge additional control and CP at their open Materia slots. While the base material should be grade 10, the most effective supercooling in FFXIV will be a combination of 9th and 7. Some stats – especially CP – have small highs that will only fully benefit from 7th grade. To compensate for the low stats, consider eating Tsai tou Vounou for more CP, Giant Haddock Dip for control, or Happiness juice for Handicrafts. These can further be upgraded by a respective Alchemist Craftsman. Rough draft.

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Key capabilities

The main recipes have a slightly lower than average durability – 35 for materials and 70 for actual pieces of equipment in FFXIV. Therefore, it is crucial to maximize the progress bar before the synthesis fails. For opening abilities when crafting combat gear, most should start with Reflect for quality; although, Muscle memory may be better with higher stats mixes or food. Handling and No waste II must then be activated to preserve durability. This can be followed by Innovation and four uses of Preparatory touch. This will set Inner Quiet to ten stacks. What happens next will depend a little on statistics and luck. The lucky ones will be able to use Great progress in Blessing of Byregots for a 100% chance of high quality. However, most players should also insert Precise touch, Trained finesse, and Basic touch as required.

Finally, to progress, we will want to light Veneration followed by a priority combination of Intensive synthesis, Basic work, Cautious summary, and Careful synthesis based on current condition, durability and CP. It is also good to reapply as a preventive measure Don’t waste (or Waste Not II) instead of reacting with Masters’ Mend.

Although classic weapons and equipment are now powerful, their importance and rarity will decrease with each new FFXIV room. With patch 6.2, they will become equivalent in power to common equipment. And with patch 6.4, Classical will be completely overtaken by the new Tomestone, Raid, and Crafting options. You have to hurry to get the most out of the classic, make a good profit or just wait for the prices to drop.

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Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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