A case of absolute power in the wrong hand

It was “Lord John Dalberg-Action” in his letter to Bishop Creighton in the late 18th century that said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

“Absolute Power” has completely corrupted our dear Governor Nyesom Wike, and now every perceived dissent faces its fury and the bite of its fang. But from what premise does he derive such power to declare a citizen of Rivers wanted without any prior investigation by the security agencies responsible for doing so?

In 2020, in the wake of the Covid-19 confinement, it was a young man from the great ONNE community called “Stanley Ngbere” who fell victim to this absolute corruption of power, he even tagged a leader of the ‘IPOB in Eleme, but for the intervention of CSOs and the cries of well-meaning citizens who knew the young man was the opposite of the badge given to him, his case would have been sorry. He, however, spent about a month in the safety net before being released and regaining his freedom without any charges.

The beautiful thing about Dr. Farah Dagogo wanted statement is that, they are both in the elite class of our society, they are a perfect match to get along with each other. However, the saddest thing is, what happens when that intoxication of power pushes the governor towards a poor, defenseless man or woman from Rivers again? Who will be the white knight to save the day?

Well, the NDLEA just whispered that they are going to perform drug and substance testing on all applicants. Let’s just pray for something miraculous to happen, and just like Jonah, the people of Rivers can be regurgitated from the belly of the killer whale (Emperor Wiks) where we currently find ourselves.

May 2023 NOT be like 2019. Salah