Russia’s military is nearly depleted and Ukraine will have an opportunity to counterattack in the coming weeks, Britain’s spy chief said on Thursday.

The United States also signaled that it would supply Kyiv with new fighter jets for the first time.

It came as a long-awaited agreement on a UN plan to unblock the export of Ukrainian grain was due to be signed in Istanbul on Friday.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Russian and Ukrainian officials will oversee the signing ceremony, according to a statement released Thursday in Ankara.

Richard Moore, the head of MI6, said intelligence showed Vladimir Putin’s army was “running out of steam” and suggested a successful Ukrainian counterattack could arrive in time to rally European support ahead of the crisis. winter gas.

“Our assessment is that the Russians will find it increasingly difficult to provide men and equipment in the coming weeks,” he said at the Aspen Security conference in the United States.

“They’ll have to take a break somehow and that will give the Ukrainians a chance to fight back – their morale is still high and they’re starting to get more and more good weapons.”

“To be honest, it will be an important reminder to the rest of Europe that this is a winnable campaign,” he added.

“Winter is coming and clearly in this atmosphere with all the pressure on gas supply and everything else, we are going through a tough time.”