A general manager calls him “Abraham Lincoln”. Andrew Miller is a lanky six-foot-seven with long black hair, possessed of a rational and modest way of speaking, whose double bass speech prompted MLB Radio’s Steve Phillips to add “he’s really smart” to every mention. of his name; in fact, a baseball teacher/lifer says “when he starts talking I expect to hear ‘no malice to anyone’ and ‘passion may have put us to the test but most don’t sever our ties of affection “as he talks about tanking or CBT.”

Yes, he is very smart, with high marks of 1500 on his SATs out of high school in Gainesville, Florida, before heading to the University of North Carolina. His mother Kim asked him to at least consider attending MIT, but he was already focused on baseball. An Astros scout went to see him present his 2003 senior year at Buchholz High School and said, “There was no way we could get him out of college. He was really something – 95 running in all directions, slider…scary though.

He was Gatorade Florida High School Player of the Year, then second-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference as a UNC rookie, on a team that two years later would have two first-round picks, Miller and Daniel Bard. He was the sixth pick in the draft, then a struggling starter, and finally one of baseball’s most effective relievers — a World Series champion, ALCS MVP, two-time All-Star.

And in recent months, he has been at the forefront of the union’s efforts to reach a fair deal with landlords. When a deal was finally reached on Thursday, Miller and the rest of the sub-executive committee did not vote in favour, according to media reports; it was not the most perfect union he and his fellow executive councilors had strived for.