Doctor Strange’s death weighs heavily on the Marvel Universe, but it could particularly affect Moon Knight’s tenuous hold on his own mind.

marvel’s moon knight manages his multiple minds through meditation and mental manipulation, but sometimes he needs help – that’s where strange doctor enters the picture. The Sorcerer Supreme is the primary authority on otherworldly spirits and machinations that might affect a person’s sanity, and acts accordingly. This is best seen in Moon Knight #36 – but now that Doctor Strange is dead, Moon Knight is alone.

Marc Spector is one of the few superheroes in the Marvel Universe to actively explore living with mental illness. Specifically, he suffers from what is commonly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, but is clinically known as DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Marc Spector is his “main” identity – a Jewish child growing up anti-Semitism, a Marine, and finally a vigilante – but there are plenty of others. Steven Grant is the wealthy Wall Street millionaire who funds Moon Knight’s efforts. Jake Lockley is a street taxi driver with underworld connections, and Mr. Knight is a confident, white-suited civilian liaison with Moon Knight (and his alter ego whenever he attends his many sessions therapy)


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In Moon Knight #36, Marc Spector – in his “quirk” as Steven Grant – attends a gala at a New York museum, specifically the Egyptian Wing. He has donated a lot of money to the museum and won the admiration of the assembled audience, but the proceedings are interrupted by Doctor Strange. He senses the presence of a cursed pendant (worn by date Steven Grant, no less), and warns Moon Knight – but the vigilante doesn’t believe a word of it.


Doctor Strange was Earth’s primary defense against supernatural threats – and Moon Knight sometimes sees these threats, but he also suffers from illusions and visions. Marc can’t always tell what’s real and what’s a creation of his own fractured mind, and so needs experts like Doctor Strange to help him. But Strange is dead and without him, Moon Knight remains quite vulnerable, just like the rest of the world.

It should be noted that Doctor Strange is not enough dead – he still exists in the Marvel Universe, but he’s a younger version of Strange, created as a contingency plan in case of untimely death. This Strange may not be familiar with Moon Knight (and he’s certainly not as familiar with modern threats as the “older” Strange). moon knight and strange doctor are intertwined – but without Strange, Moon Knight must solve the problems in his mind on his own.

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