NEW YORK – The tri-state area has been plagued by heat and humidity for several days, and we are bracing for another day of warm temperatures.

The official start of summer is still 11 days away!

Staying cool in hot weather, especially wearing a mask, is no easy task.

The heat can also be dangerous for young children and the elderly, as well as those who take certain types of medications.

Dr Jim Dwyer, director of emergency medicine at Northern Westchester Hospital, shared a few things to keep in mind as we try to keep our cool.

Dwyer shared the different warning signs people can start to experience if they experience heat exhaustion, including excessive sweating, a red face, fatigue and clammy skin.

If you have any of these symptoms, Dwyer advised people to get out of the heat and turn on the air conditioning. No air conditioning? Protect yourself from the sun and stay in the shade.

He also said people need to stay hydrated. If you could also get into the pool or the water it would work.

Heat stroke is different from heat exhaustion. Symptoms of heatstroke include fever, stopped sweating, extreme fatigue, confusion, and a beetroot red face or skin.

Dwyer said if it was possible to ditch the masks outside, do so. If you can’t make sure you wear a light-colored breathable mask and stay hydrated.

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