Until October 8, these organizations held 198 export contracts worth $ 15.3 million, and 5,304 import contracts valued at over $ 83.9 million.

In this context, the computer and communications industry stands out, demonstrating the convenience of alliances between companies in the sector and private companies, of which 2022 should be a year of growth in value and participation.

According to a report by the Cuban News Agency, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are pioneers in this type of modality, among which DOFLEINI Software and INGENIUS, both linked respectively to the public companies DESOFT and SOFTEL.

Business Group of Information Technology and Communications (GEIC in Spanish) commercial director Carmen Fernandez noted that not only the most organized companies export, but also the self-employed, mainly to Spain and Canada.

Regarding the opportunity to import via the GEIC, she highlighted the creation of the electronic hardware of SOLINTEL, one of the entities authorized for foreign trade and which tries to meet the need of non-state management to obtain IT products. .

The leader added that there are three foreign investment projects of companies integrated in GEIC that are in the country’s portfolio of opportunities.

Fernandez pointed out that they already have guidelines and approved partners to run a CUBATEL company call center with the participation of an investor from Chile.

DESOFT is also advancing in the discussion of the final clauses of a proposal to be assumed by a Spanish company, in order to build an IT service center, which aims to increase the export values ​​of this Cuban entity.

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