Christina Hall (née Haack), of Flip or Flopshared with her subscribers how she felt “mentally exhaustedthrough the ups and downs of her custody battle with ex-husband Ant Anstead. She found success performing on HGTV Flip or Flop alongside her former husband Tarek El-Moussa. Tarek and Christina divorced in 2018 and she later married Ant. However, they officially divorced in 2021. Christina, the design half of her partnership with Tarek, showed off her design chops again in Christina on the coast and is set to star in a spin-off due out in late 2022 called Christina in the countrysidewhich will follow her life in Tennessee with her new husband, Joshua Hall, whom she married in early 2022.


Recently, Christina posted a photo with a long caption on her Instagram page where she detailed Ant’s allegations “manipulation tactics and misinformationwhich left her mentally drained. Since splitting from Ant in September 2020, the custody battle over their son, Hudson, has further strained their relationship. Flop reversal star also revealed in her post that due to the negativity that has had a “great impact on [her] and [her] housework,“She has decided to stop posting pictures of her youngest son.

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Ant Anstead looks at Christina Hall’s Instagram

The “false accusations” Christina refers to have to do with allegations made by Ant about his exploitation of Hudson in social media posts and television content. Christina clarifies that she never posted pictures of Hudson in a selfish or exploitative way, and that her only intention for him to appear on television was that he “participate in fun activities/outings with our family/siblings“Because the two no longer have a personal relationship, Ant views Christina’s life solely through the lens of her Instagram posts, and she believes Ant has used her Instagram page as a “judgment tool” with what “assess parent gender” She is.

While the couple initially agreed to joint custody of their son, in April 2022 Ant filed for sole custody of Hudson. The request was denied, but the couple have since had custody battle after battle. As of now, Christina and Ant’s next court date will be March 2023, after they failed to reach consensus over custody despite a 12-hour mediation.

Some celebrities choose to keep their children completely out of the spotlight and won’t post their faces on social media, but the majority of public figures feature their children on public platforms and like to keep fans updated on their family’s birthdays. , holidays, and more. Christina and Ant have very different opinions when it comes to their son’s appearance on social media, and it has resulted in a struggle that has affected them mentally and emotionally. As their custody battle for Hudson continues, Christina hopes her friends, family and fans can “see beyond nonsense“she faces and reinforces that she is and”will ALWAYS be a protective mother.”

Seasons 1 to 12 of Flip or Flop are available on Discovery+.

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Source: Christina room/Instagram