The 2GB data per day top up plans are attractive to mobile users as they provide ample amount of data to keep entertained. With this top-up, a user can easily overcome the top-up top-up problem that one usually faces with a lower data plan. In this article, we have listed and compared the most affordable 2GB data per day recharge plans from major telecom companies including Jio, Vi, Airtel, and BSNL. Each plan offers 2 GB of data per day with different additional benefits. Let’s find out which one is right for you.

Cheapest 2GB top-up plans

jio Rs.249 24 days
Airtel 359 rupees 28 days
vi 359 rupees 29 days
BSNL 199 rupees 30 days

Jio plan Rs 249: data and advantages

Reliance Jio Rs 249 offers the most affordable 2GB per day data plan on the list. The recharge offers a validity of 24 days, i.e. a total of 48 GB of data. Internet speed drops to 64 Kbps after data exhaustion. The plan also offers 100 texts per day and unlimited calls. Besides, it also offers free subscription to Jio apps such as Jio Cinema, Jio TV, Jio Cloud and Jio Security.

Jio also has another 2GB plan in its wallet which offers 28-day validity, priced at Rs 299. The user gets 56GB of data in total with this plan.

Airtel Rs 359 package: data and benefits

Airtel has several 2GB per day recharge plans, and the most affordable one is Rs 359 recharge. The plan offers 28 days of validity, totaling 56GB of data. After the daily quota, the speed is limited to 64Kbps. The recharge also offers 100 SMS per day and unlimited calls. After the 100 free SMS are exhausted, the user will be charged Rs 1 per local SMS and Rs 1.5 per STD SMS. Moreover, it also offers free Airtel Wynk music subscription, Hello tunes, three months of Apollo 24/7 circle, upgrades with Shaw Academy class, 30 days of Amazon Prime Videos Mobile and Rs 100 cashback on FASTag.

Vodafone Idea Plan Rs 359: Data and Benefits

Vi’s cheapest 2GB per day recharge plan is priced at Rs 359. It offers 28 days validity, unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. Post FUP internet speed is 64 Kbps. The plan also gives users free access to Vi Movies and TV. Additionally, it offers free overnight data usage from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and the option to rollover unused data from Monday-Friday to Saturday-Sunday.

BSNL Plan Rs 199: Data and Benefits

The BSNL Rs 199 recharge offers 2 GB of data per day. The plan is valid for 30 days, a total of 60 GB of data. After data exhaustion, the internet speed will be 40 Kbps. The recharge also offers 100 SMS per day and unlimited calls. After the quota of 100 SMS, the user will be charged 25 paise per local SMS, 35 paise per STD SMS and 5 rupees per international SMS. BSNL offers the plan at 3G speed.


These were the most affordable 2GB per day top-up plans from Airtel, Jio, Vi, and BSNL. Among these plans, Jio has the most affordable plan at Rs 249, while Airtel and Vi plans at Rs 359 are the most expensive. The Vi offers the most additional benefits on the list. The BSNL is the friendliest plan on the list, but offers 3G speed.