Nurses speak of their frustration and exhaustion as unvaccinated patients fueled an increase in Bryan’s COVID-19 population.

Frustrated. Stunned. Exhausted.

These are some of the words two nurses from Bryan Health have used to describe the care of the current wave of COVID-19 patients.

Bryan Health reported a total of 61 COVID-19 patients on Tuesday, about 20% of whom have been vaccinated against the disease.

That’s a higher percentage than in recent weeks, but the healthcare system has said all critically ill patients, including those in the intensive care unit and on a ventilator, are not vaccinated.

Taylor Kadavy, an intensive care nurse at Bryan, said friends and family always ask her about the comorbidities of patients, assuming they are only hospitalized for COVID-19 because they have had to ‘other health problems.

Taylor kadavy

Bryan reports 6 deaths from COVID-19 over the weekend

But Kadavy said hospitalizations these days have less to do with age and health issues than with not getting vaccinated.

“I think that’s the biggest comorbidity,” she said.

Katherine Wolverton, who works in one of Bryan’s progressive care units, said she was shocked at the number of patients who didn’t think COVID-19 was real and couldn’t believe they had it got.

Katherine wolverton

Katherine wolverton

“Some patients don’t really believe they have COVID, even when they are about to have to be intubated,” she said.

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