OKLAHOMA CITY – Osage County killer John Marion Grant may be the first person executed since the state suspended the process in 2015.

Grant was sentenced to death for the 1998 murder of Gay Carter, a 58-year-old Correctional Center employee Dick Connor.

Grant grabbed Carter and dragged her into a mop closet, where he stabbed her multiple times. She was stabbed 16 times and died of internal bleeding.

Grant is expected to appear before the Oklahoma Pardons and Parole Board on Tuesday to seek a pardon. If the council votes in favor of leniency, it will be up to Governor Kevin Stitt to issue it.

The Pardons and Parole Board in 2014 voted 5-0 against the recommendation of the then government. Mary Fallin is considering leniency. Grant did not make a personal appearance.

At the time, Grant’s lawyers argued that he came from a very impoverished childhood, that he was the product of a broken and abusive youth system, and that he had been assaulted in prison.

John Grant has never had a chance in life because of the severe abuse he suffered first at the hands of his mother, then in public institutions in Oklahoma, whose horrific mistreatment is a scandal well documented, ”said his lawyer, Sarah Jernigan. in a statement released on Friday. “Yet he feels deeply remorseful for his actions and has worked to redeem himself while incarcerated.

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