I don’t think Irani will return with a challenge soon because unlike her desire to earn brownie points with her mentor Narendra Modi, Priyanka’s answers were for no one’s benefit but hers.

It amuses me to see how today’s BJP leaders make themselves look like fools in their eagerness to auction off Modi at all costs. No matter what they try, the BJP has not been able to wipe out the Rajiv Gandhi branch of the family although they have somewhat succeeded in rendering Maneka Gandhi and his son completely irrelevant – albeit from time to time. time, the undeniable roots of Varun Gandhi assert themselves and his two Nehru-Gandhi genes and early secular moorings shine through.

The name ‘Gandhi’ however, whoever descendant of Nehru might bear it, is anathema to Modi’s BJP and they have now clearly abandoned the idea of ​​using a Gandhi to bring down a Gandhi, but not before than Maneka tried, five years ago, to push his son to be considered as a potential chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Just like Smriti Irani, in fact. At least Varun Gandhi had a base in Uttar Pradesh, but all Irani thought he needed for the job was proximity to Modi.

Five years ago, however, the Modi government was bugging everyone’s phones with less sophisticated equipment, including those of their own ministers – and Irani was clearly one of them. For it is common knowledge among BJP circles in Mumbai that Irani had told a BJP official that she could achieve this ambition because she could get the top party bosses to do anything for her.

I believed that boast because otherwise why would someone who never went to college be appointed Minister of Human Resource Development and placed above the heads of highly educated Deans and Vice Chancellors and allowed to ruin universities and the education system?