In Batman: Beyond the White Knight, a major change came to Gotham after Bruce Wayne was imprisoned for war crimes. The city has been transformed into a state of fear. And to make matters worse, Derek Powers manipulated Terry McGinnis into stealing the Beyond costume. This left left Bruce no choice but to escape.

The journey hasn’t been easy, however, as the vet has a hologram of Jack Napier that only he can see. Harley Quinn further complicated matters when she revealed her husband and wife’s dynamic with the Caped Crusader. However, in issue 3 (by Sean Gordon Murphy, AndWorld Design and Dave Stewart), the series clearly loses its most interesting development and resulting romance.

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In the White knight tradition, Harley was loyal to Jack Napier, wrongly loving him. He was the Joker character she feared, which is why she ended that cycle of abuse and toxicity by killing him. Even if that meant Jack was gone, so would the Joker, keeping the town, and their twins, safe. To top it off, she was attracted to Bruce and enjoyed his loving and protective nature. As the story progressed, Harley and Bruce developed a secret romance.

Harley brought out Batman’s humanity and discouraged his destructive traits. It created a unique sentimental dynamic that no other comic or cartoon portrayed. Unfortunately, Harley and Bruce did not get married. Harley claimed spousal privilege so she wouldn’t have to testify against Bruce. That way, Powers couldn’t give him a longer sentence after taking over the Wayne Empire.

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Ignoring the chemistry between the two is quite disappointing as the two see each other as complementary. It would also have created family drama, with Bruce as the secret stepdad. He would have tried to heal her and her twins differently than he and Talia, who felt more devoted than anything due to Damian’s fondness for blood. In this case, Bruce would have been more personal with Bryce and Jackie, rather than a disciplined vigilante trainer.

It also would have added more tension with Jack and showcased the chemistry Harley and Bruce had for so long. Instead, this management made a joke out of their bond, using Harley as a crutch to keep Bruce safe, while ignoring the potential for something filled with heart and soul. Unfortunately, they are cold and professional at the moment. Plus, it squanders the various emotions they would have had across the spectrum, be it guilt or happiness. Ultimately, the story loses dramatic weight by ditching the taboo romance angle. Bruce and Harley were organic and relatable. And more, there would be continuity in a very intriguing soap opera, making them partners determined to save their loved ones, as well as their city.