SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – The effort to beat the heat on Thursday led to a lively walk on Santa Cruz Beach.

In the crowd, ABC7 News saw some seeking shade, others affording an ice cream cone or a water cannon, but above all enjoying unrestricted rides.

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What is typical during the hot summer months has been made nearly impossible by the ongoing pandemic. However, as the state reopened on Tuesday, the boardwalk shed capacity limits and began allowing non-California residents to enjoy it.

“When it’s hot, people flock to the beach and that’s what we see,” said Karley Pope, director of the boardwalk. of sales and promotions said. “It’s a welcome feeling of relief here on the promenade.”

For the hundreds of people who give up the heat every day, there is still a great demand for seasonal staff. Until then, customers will be greeted with modified opening times.

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Crowds are only expected to increase and the weather is only expected to warm up, as the official start of summer is only a few days away.

But great minds meet and seemingly take the same paths.

“Prepare for traffic. I’m not trying to be a ‘Nelly negative, but the traffic was bad,’ Redding’s Dustin Fielding told ABC7 News.

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In the East Bay, dozens of spectators braved the triple-digit heat in Dublin on Thursday night for the first in a series of free summer concerts at Emerald Glen Park. Many told ABC7 News they were happy to be back after California reopened and time was not going to stop them.

Children nearby kept cool as they soaked in the playground water fountains.


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