With the official announcement of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, one fan shares their request to include a defining feature of Batman: Arkham Knight.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is packed with exciting gameplay features that help populate Manhattan Island with activities. Even if it will be a little before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 officially launches, fans of the original are happy to discuss what features they’d like to see in the sequel.

One of Batman: Knight of ArkhamThe most defining gameplay features were the ability for players to escort apprehended supervillains to the Gotham City Police Department police station, where they could then visit and chat with them afterwards. These opportunities contributed to the overall progress of completion and were among the findings of many of the most sought-after optional activities in each interconnected island. This feature had an effect on Marvel’s Spider-Man fans, with some expressing their desire to see him in a sequel.

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One fan, daredevilman999, shares that this feature would excite them and motivate them to progress through the game to see more villains apprehended. This shows that players want more screen time with their favorite supervillains, and being able to visit them would give them that opportunity. However, the majority of Marvel’s Spider-Man fans agree that this feature would make less sense from Spider-Man’s perspective than Batman’s.

As BassmanUW points out, Batman’s role in Batman: Knight of Arkham is “essentially an unofficial part of the force, with a direct line to Commissioner Gordon”. Therefore, Batman is warmly greeted by GCPD agents upon his arrival and they appreciate his efforts as a vigilante. Spider-Man’s role in Marvel’s Spider-Man is less black and white, where his only existing connection to the NYPD was Yuri Watanabe. With the conclusion of Marvel’s Spider-ManThe City That Never Sleeps DLC also tarnishes that bond, it’s unclear what Spider-Man’s involvement with the police will look like in the sequel.

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But aside from the logistics and whether it would be appropriate for Peter or Miles to visit criminals in custody, fans agree that it would be best to spend more time with iconic villains. Some fans such as TheBMax_ believe this relationship with the police could be achieved through a reputation system implemented similarly to The Incredible Spider-Man 2. But as for Batman: Knight of Arkhamcharacteristic of, a specific mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 could get players to visit the RAFT, giving particular context to why Peter or Miles are there in the first place.

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That way, players could perhaps walk through different cells and talk to Otto Octavius ​​and other incarcerated enemies, either for a particular narrative pace or for optional interactions. Either way, fans just want to converse with overpowered antagonists and learn more about them and their relationship with Peter and Miles, even though Spider-Man’s relationship with the NYPD isn’t as symbiotic as that of Batman with the GCPD.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is slated for release in 2023 on PS5.

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