A disabled US special forces officer with PTSD is sentenced to 60 months (five years) in prison despite being free for two years and helping others

TACOMA, Wash., October 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Puget Law Group Partner Jared Ausserer announced that the firm will appeal all three guilty verdicts (of seven changers) in Washington state against the Army Special Forces officer (SPO), Col. Owen Ray. Colonel Ray is a decorated veteran Army Special Forces officer with 25 years of service, including serving as a military aide to President Barack Obama.

“We thank the jury and the Court for their hard work, attention, and for Colonel Owen Ray’s multiple not-guilty verdicts. However, Colonel Ray disagrees with the guilty verdicts and will appeal against all convictions,” Ausserer said. “It was clear, based on our discussion with the jury afterwards, that there was a misunderstanding and misapplication of the law. That, and several issues, will be challenged on appeal.”

Colonel Ray was charged with first degree kidnapping, two counts of second degree assault, three counts of harassment and reckless endangerment. The court dismissed one count of second-degree assault mid-trial, the jury found Col. Ray not guilty of kidnapping and two counts of harassment. The jury found Colonel Ray guilty of one count of second degree assault, one count of harassment and reckless endangerment. The charges stem from the late evening of December 26, 2020, when Colonel Ray suffered emotional and mental breakdown due to the cumulative effects of untreated mental and physical health issues, operational and occupational stress in eight deployments, d high-pressure jobs and serious relationships. the distress resulted in a state of complete mental exhaustion.

Eager to kill himself, Colonel Ray had a handgun when his wife called 911. He sheathed his gun and went upstairs. Triggered by the overwhelming response from the police who surrounded his house, Colonel Ray broke down a door at which point the door reportedly hit his wife – the only physical injury resulting from the event. The event led to a confrontation with local police but ended peacefully. Despite the absence of a death, Colonel Ray was today sentenced to 60 months (five years) behind bars.

The The American army assessed all aspects of the incident and concluded that there would be no charges against Colonel Ray and he was honorably discharged. Colonel Ray was declared 100% permanently disabled by the Department of Veterans Affairs for the severity of his service-related health problems, including chronic and severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), a Traumatic brain injury (CCT), the Depression, While out on bail for 20 months, Colonel Ray diligently approached his cumulative cost of decades of war. He has completed comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to address health challenges.

While Colonel Ray is heartbroken by his unusual behavior and acknowledges responsibility for the actions, video and evidence from the 911 transcript has proven that his intent was only to harm himself and no one else. other than himself.

“There are no words that adequately explain how sorry I am for the fear my children and my wife felt the night I decided to end my life. I deeply regret any unintended physical harm. that my wife suffered because I kicked the door. I never intended to hurt anyone but myself,” Colonel Ray said. “During the two past years, I have been working, in full compliance with the legal and judicial system, and have sought medical treatment to heal mentally and physically. I have faith that the night I decided to Direct The verses ending my life will lead to restoration and hope – not just for me but for my family and others.”

Colonel Ray advocated for mental health reform in the Armed Forces, including recognizing the issues surrounding our soldiers and the pressures this country places on them. Prior to his sentencing, he spoke and wrote about mental health awareness and support. Part of Colonel Ray’s healing journey has been to help others by starting the Restore and Repurpose website www.owenray.com.

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SOURCE Jared Ausserer, Puget Law Group