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  • March 4, 2022

Alexander Skarsgard reveals The Northman was his most harrowing film

Alexander Skarsgard detailed the physical and mental exhaustion he went through for ‘The Northman’

Alexander Skarsgard says “The Northman” was “physically and mentally the toughest job I’ve ever had”.

The 45-year-old actor plays Amleth in Robert Eggers’ Viking Revenge saga and was literally “chopped and dragged through the dirt” during filming.

He said: “The days were really long and hard, and we were in the mud and on top of these mountains in the wind and the cold.

“The week before I was working on the TV show ‘Succession’, in which I play a tech billionaire in a villa on Lake Como. So I literally went from playing one of the richest dudes in the planet in a beautiful and crazy villa, surrounded by yachts, helicopters and luxuries, and I got on a plane and flew to Iceland to get chained up and dragged through the mud. It was definitely a moment of awakening and an experience of humility.

It was so bad that her co-star Anya Taylor-Joy (Olga of the Birch Forest), 25, had “frozen” mud on her knees at one point.

She said in the interview with Total Film: “I’m not a complainer, and Rob [Eggers] and [director of photography] Jarin [Blaschke] I know that, but there was a day when the mud was up to my knees, and it froze overnight, and I’m barefoot. It had gotten to a point where I think I just yelled, “Please!” And they were like, ‘Oh, okay, that’s bad. It’s really bad. We have to do this work. If Anya says, ‘Can we ride please? I can’t stay here anymore…’”

The ‘Tarzan’ star admitted that even though he was so “exhausted” he was on the verge of tears, it was worth it.

The Swedish actor added: “You are so exhausted that you want to cry.

“You feel like you’ve finally gotten all the fight choreography done, but then you have to start over and over and over again. There is always something in the background that was not quite right. The flip side is that when you finally get it, you feel like you’ve won gold at the Olympics.

According to Eggers, Alexander “transformed his body more wildly” for his film than he did playing Tarzan in 2016’s “The Legend of Tarzan.”

“The Northman” is also set to star Nicole Kidman and Willem Dafoe.