Given that Batman is one of pop culture’s most beloved superheroes – and DC’s biggest cash cow – it’s no shock that the Dark Knight has many comic book series planned for 2022. The character is having his second major crossover event since last year. infinite border throw with Shadow War.

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Corn GamesRadar+April’s solicitations for upcoming DC comics show that Batman also has some major story arcs to come once he returns to Gotham in his eponymous book and Detective comics, with an assortment of creative teams managing the series. However, there are several spinoffs and alternate canon comics to come that are more than worth noting.



Batman battles Abyss in the main series

With former writer James Tynion IV leaving the title and DC after the state of fear bow, as mentioned by GamesRadar, the famous Joshua Williamson takes over Batman for the moment with Jorge Molina on art. Its first issue in its run sees Batman temporarily leaving Gotham City and taking on missions overseas, with the Dark Knight facing off against a new villain in the form of Abyss.

This leads to the current Shadow War crossover arc, centering on Talia al Ghul’s father, Ra’s, being murdered by the hand of Deathstroke and the enraged daughter for revenge. He gets in Batman, robin, and Deathstroke Inc. to lead to an explosive feud. So far, Williamson’s tenure has been highly acclaimed and touted as the main comic’s return to form, so it’ll be exciting for fans to see where and how long this run goes.

Detective comics

Cover of Batman in a crowd surrounded by Riddler's secret supporters

As one of DC’s finest superheroes, Batman played a pivotal role in the comic book publisher’s early years. Detective comics was part of that influence, as well as where the world’s greatest detective got his start. Mariko Tamaki remains the writer since she infinite border first, currently writing DC Comics‘ weekly The shadows of the bat arc detailing Bruce’s biggest Bat-family filler in his absence in Gotham.

The April solicitations note that Tamaki (and guest writer Nadia Shammas) are returning to the monthly format and teaming up with artists Ivan Reis and Danny Miki for a new story arc pitting Batman against the Riddler. Surely influenced in part by Matt Reeves The Batman, this comic arc will see Riddler return to Gotham after gaining major media backing to support his latest projects.

Urban legends

Batman Crossing Gotham by Moonlight in Urban Legends Cover Art

One of the new “core” Batman comics being released with infinite border has been Urban legends. It was an exciting and new way to approach storytelling with this character, as its main appeal is being an anthology-format series. Each issue is longer than typical monthlies and features a variety of different writer/artist teams making their own stories.

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CC had this title packed with a host of talented creatives attached, including acclaimed daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky, with artist Eddy Barrows on a Batman and Red Hood script. Urban legends brought in other characters like Batwoman, Signal, Zatanna, and even Terry McGinnis’ Batman.

Beyond the White Knight

Split image of Terry as Batman and Bruce Wayne in prison for Beyond the White Knight

Some of DC’s best comics have recently come out of their Black Label Imprint, and one of the best modern Batman works returns for its third mainline in March. Beyond the White Knight is the sequel of the two White knight and Curse of the White Knight, and it follows the shocking aftermath of Bruce willingly revealing his identity, giving up everything he owns, and imprisoned after defeating Azrael – with a mysterious youngster stealing Batman’s ancient technology.

This limited series will run for eight issues, and writer/artist Sean Murphy noted IGN that he still has plans for at least one more main sequel. Black Label has been ideal for isolated alternate-canon stories, with Murphy doing well in toying with conventional Batman lore and presenting lasting (and disastrous) consequences in tandem with his broodingly styled art.

A dark knight

Split image of Batman's silhouette on a blackened and bloodied Gotham on the ground in One Dark Knight

Another promising series that has recently begun to be released is Jock’s A dark knight. Jock primarily entered the comic book scene as an artist, and he illustrated the underrated fan-favorite writer Scott Snyder. The black mirror, which was one of the best arcs in Batman history of the 2010s. Now the artist can combine his talents as an illustrator with his writing in this three-issue miniseries in prestige format.

A dark knight tells a small-scale story detailing Batman the GCPD’s attempts to escort a new villain to Blackgate Penitentiary before the night descends into a citywide blackout. Issues 2 and 3 won’t be released until March and beyond, but the first has already been released to resounding praise.


Bruce Wayne mourning his parents and holding the Batman cowl in The Knight cover art

Although origin stories have usually been done to death with legacy heroes like Batman and Spider-Man, the approach to issue #10 Knight takes seems to be intriguing in itself.

The aforementioned writer Chip Zdarsky – who wrote some of the best Daredevil comics, in general – teams up with artist Carmine Giandomenico for a different kind of origin story that focuses on the younger days of Bruce Wayne. going to school and training abroad before settling on the idea of ​​the Batman. It’s basically as if Knight perfected on Bruce’s training of batman begins and fleshed it out for a whole series.

kill time

Split image of Batman and Riddler, Catwoman, Killer Croc and Penguin in the cover of Killing Time

Tom King’s run on the main Batman The series was characterized by ups and downs, but its upcoming six-issue miniseries starting in March will focus on a packed thriller premise. In kill time, King and artist David Marquez will feature an early-day Batman hot on the heels of Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman as they pull off a heist for an ancient artifact.

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While gritty, introspective crime noir is where Batman’s best works are found, this heist approach might be refreshing for King. Likewise, it might be interesting to see Catwoman portrayed as an antihero/supervillain again, given the timeline.

The best in the world

Split image of Batman and Superman together on World's Finest covers

Although they are sometimes depicted at odds with each other, Batman’s dynamic with Superman is one of the Caped Crusader’s most important friendships in the comics. Fans were probably thrilled to hear that industry veteran Mark Waid – from the flash and daredevil fame – was paired with outstanding artist Dan Mora for Batman/Superman: the best in the world this month of March.

Mora previously drew the value of two volumes of Detective comics with Mariko Tamaki but will (at least for now) focus on that for now. The art style seems to match the setting and tone perfectly, as well as the story setting up Batman to help Superman in Metropolis and elsewhere. It seems The best in the world should also be an ongoing series.

Batman Beyond: Neo Year

Terry McGinnis as Batman flying through Gotham in Batman Beyond: Neo Year

The previous batman beyond The comic book series was unfortunately canceled in 2020, but it looks like 2022 will be a lot kinder to Terry McGinnis and his cyberpunk incarnation of the Dark Knight. In addition to appearing in the Black Label Beyond the White Knight, writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and artist Max Dunbar will have him direct Batman Beyond: Neo Year this April.

This six-issue series is inspired by the events of Urban legends #seven, where Terry learns that Bruce’s killer was the now sentient Bat-computer. Neo-Gotham had all of its computer systems taken under computer control, leaving Terry’s Batman without Bruce Wayne’s mentorship.

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Batman keeps his identity a secret while browsing the internet

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