I probably don’t need to tell you that being a mom is tough, as our everyday look of leggings, a messy bun, and dark circles under our eyes shows that pretty clearly. With all the mental and physical exhaustion that comes with parenting, it’s always heartwarming to meet good mom memes because they not only make you laugh, but also help you feel understood. Not to mention that taking a few minutes to browse through funny memes is a welcome break between snacks and tantrums.

As a mother of a toddler and preschooler, I walk most of the time feeling (and looking) like a total zombie because I can’t remember the last time I was I felt rested. There are crumbs in pretty much every crevice in my house, toys covering my floors, and countless leftovers in my fridge from dinner parties that my kids insisted I do only to refuse to eat once they were actually there. ready. I’m in what veteran moms call “the weeds,” and while I know most moms can relate to, it’s still very isolating sometimes. That’s why it’s so good to read mom memes because they are a hilarious reminder that I’m not alone in this hot stage of parenthood.

So if you’ve got a day where you’re feeling lonely, a bit brain dead, or you just might need a good laugh, here are some very relevant memes to remind you that we’re all on this ride together.


So, is it ever easier?


Another lost bath bomb


This cow is living the TBH dream


Do Not Let me get to three


Only 4 hours before the nap


Leisure is a distant memory


Not exactly what I imagined


So apparently I’m a ‘mess mom’


What is it gonna be?


Dry shampoo all day, every day


“You wouldn’t want that”


Second only to actual childbirth

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