Yet catching up on the marriages of 2020 and 2021? Well, hold on to your horses – industry forecasts are for a marriage boom much longer than originally anticipated. Wedding professionals have worked tirelessly throughout the year to make up for lost time due to the pandemic, with many running more than five or more events per week.

Still, it looks like it will be normal as we approach 2022. Weddings are set to break records in the coming year as more couples expect to marry. So how are industry professionals reacting to this news? And what do they do to prepare in advance?

Find out what they have to say about the busy road ahead:

Consider what you want in 2022.

Rebuilding in 2021 may have involved accepting opportunities that are beyond a company’s target audience, but 2022 is about returning to core values ​​and goals. Sarah Davidson, CPCE, Chief Strategist and Creative Director for HUE by Sarah Davidson, reveals his own strategy for organizing a successful year: “I’m currently taking the time to do a real self-assessment and think long and hard about what I want my ideal workload to look like in 2022.”

“I think with the volume of business that exists, I can afford the right to be picky about what really works for our business,” Davidson adds. “I discussed with the rest of my team the possibility of doing their own self-assessment and I have a good idea of ​​everyone’s expectations and availability for next year. ”

Set limits from the start.

An increased number of clients often comes with its share of headaches, especially when planning under such temporary circumstances. Nora Sheils, co-founder of Piece of stone paper and founder of Bridal bliss, urges wedding professionals to protect their time and energy with firm limits, sharing: “We are very clear on the limits with our clients when booking. We’re not available to them 24/7, and they shouldn’t be expected to be. However, they will receive timely responses and will always be treated with respect. ”

Organize your systems before the new year.

While most event businesses will stay busy during the holiday season, there will likely be more downtime to audit your systems and get them back up and running for 2022. Bri Marbais, Bridal Stylist at Bridal Set, focuses on this, saying: “With 2022 fast approaching, now is the time to take a hard look at your company’s internal processes and procedures. ”

“Running a successful business requires constantly moving parts at all times,” she says. “Take the time to carefully and intentionally dissect every part of your business to determine what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to be improved for next year’s boom. Entering 2022 with ease and confidence will ensure a better frame of mind and better preparation. ”

Keep your calendar up to date.

In an unprecedented season, your calendar will be your closest companion to accompany you throughout the year. An organized schedule will guide effective task management, as Janice Carnevale, owner of Importants events, explains, “To prepare, I checked three times that the master calendar was completely up to date for my events and those of my business partner. ”

“When it’s all done, I’ll probably be working at 140% of my typical capacity in 2022,” Carnevale reveals. “Couples are moving forward and marriage pros are going to be absolutely criticized next year. The stress and exhaustion of 2021 apparently has no end in sight. -mails are going to be crucial for me to stay organized once 2022 arrives. ”

Prepare for larger-than-life events.

Socialization has been at its lowest in recent years, and engaged couples are ready to leave that isolation when they say “yes”. They miss their friends and families and are ready to be reunited with them to celebrate.

“With the lack of social gatherings and family events, I’ve noticed that many couples wouldn’t normally have a big wedding, but now they are,” confirms Jaime Melfi, pastry chef, designer and owner of Autumn Nomad. “So next year I also have a lot of couples who told us that they decided to grow up because they had barely seen their family. So 2022 will definitely be a year for books!

Manage requests strategically.

Lots of weddings mean a lot of inquiries, so wedding professionals need to be smart about managing their inboxes. Bobbi Brinkman, owner of Photograph by Bobbi Brinkman, talks about the importance of having a system in place: “We knew we had to be faster than normal to respond to inquiries. We needed to have a system in place to respond to new strained couples. ”

Brinkman clarifies, explaining the value of automation: “It couldn’t be a predefined response per se, but was just automated enough to let them know that we were available and that we were eager to speak with them. This was to explain that we are currently catching up with several marriages each week as we take care of all of our couples who have had to deal with the COVID reprogramming. ”

Focus on mental health and personal care.

It may seem like there are few things more important than the end result, but burnout runs counter to success. Kimberly Sisti, Chief Planner, Florist and Owner of Sisti & Co, expresses concern for the well-being of industry professionals in the future: “Some of us are pushing ourselves into a state of exhaustion and over-exhaustion. ”

Sisti continues: “The quality of our work has not changed, but something has to give if we continue to overwork ourselves with three weddings plus a weekend, ridiculous client requests, flower shortages etc. Our sanity is suffering, and we really need to be kind and show our pros a little bit of grace. It is not sustainable and we have to be honest with ourselves and our customers. We are, after all, just humans.

Looking ahead, the key to getting through a busy season is balance and focus. While balance alleviates the effects of burnout, focus will help keep wedding professionals on track and engaged in their big “why’s” in business. Together, these qualities create a resilience that will allow you to be successful in 2022.

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